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ersi marina's workroom is always open to the public, even when I am not in. Sometimes I need to sleep.
And to paint.
And to play with my four cats.
My name is Ersi Marina and I live in Spain though I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece. I kept it all very Mediterranean.
This blog is a means to share my work and snippets of my life, as well as to be in contact with you all. I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

Friday, 29 July 2011

meaningful content

Maybe you've noticed that I am very much interested in making Artist's Books lately. I have already completed three and the fourth is in process. I am trying out different styles and methods, different materials too. I am very passionate about this new love of mine: handmade books with an artistic intention.

My teacher on the subject is Alisa Golden. I don't actually know her, I've never met her (I wish I had) but I bought three books written by her and she instantly became one of my favourite teachers. I like her style. I like the way she thinks. And I love her work.

I follow her blog: Making Handmade Books and each and every one of her posts there sheds new light on the subject, or maybe light from different angles. Unexpected angles too, like when she writes about graffiti. After all, street art also combines words with painting, doesn't it? Her latest post, Content Ideas: Do Sit Down made me feel soooo good!

It's all about taking the time to sit, relax, pay attention to your surroundings and to the feelings they inspire, outdoors, indoors or inside ourselves. Time. A precious element. A wide, deep and all-encompassing dimension. A rare luxury. I hope you'll read her post and I'd love to know what you really think about it. Because the Internet is buzzing with voices and pieces of advice that fill our time with static. Rolls of drums and rolling thunders vibrate through our time online and chase away the more delicate, sensitive dimensions: reflection, sensitivity, awareness. Time to feel and time to think and turn our feelings into images and words.

If I get carried away, I can spend so much time on Etsy (it's just an example) that my day flies by uselessly. Now why did I use such an unpleasant word? Is Etsy useless? Not at all! In fact, I have a shop there! What I mean to say is that the visual distraction of the images on the computer screen can clot our mind instead of opening it up and render our hearts insensitive instead of warming them to real life. We barely have time to hear the singing of the wind, the rhythm of life on the street or the beating of our heart. The softer, subtler things that can become powerful sources of inspiration.

Just some thoughts...


Thursday, 21 July 2011

a long path with pauses

My third Artist's Book is in Spanish. Some of you may remember that I live in Spain, so my choice of language here is not that bizarre! I will eventually produce at least one in Greek too, since I was born and grew up in Greece.

I had this idea of creating a series of autobiographic books, in the wider sense of the term. They don't need to be thorough and they don't need to be precise. In a free, artistic way, they will be true. They will reflect my feelings (my website is called paint a feeling, remember?) my experiences and recollections.

This book is a conceptual approach to my subject-matter, more like an introductory note, a trial version, an initial approximation to the subject. I have no idea how long it will take me to create the series, it's not really important either. But the idea of 'painting my memoires' is extremely appealing to me and I know I won't give up on it. Stay tuned!

The English translation per page is as follows:

  2. an insignificant detail - PATH
  3. when I opened my eyes I found myself in an unknown place - PAUSE
  4. PATH
  5. THE SUN
  6. 20805 DAYS - 620000KMS - 12 HOMES - 9611967118 VIEWS - 9 COUNTRIES - 1 LIFE
  9. NO-PATH - HOUSE - a faint vibration
  10. some win and some lose - PATH
  11. PATH

Once entirely open (flat) this accordion book is 162 cms (64.8 inches) long.
Each one of its 12 pages is 13.5 x 14.7 cms (5.4 x 5.9 inches).
I used acrylic inks, graphite and collage on fine-grain watercolour paper. I still have to add the covers, lack of time is my most hated enemy at this moment!


Monday, 18 July 2011

happy as a cloud

Good day, everyone, and a lovely, creative week to you all!

Yesterday I managed to list a new item in my Etsy shop: craft and art by ersimarina. Why 'managed'? Well, the infamous monster of lack-of-time-due-to-my-day-job has the cruel habit of getting in the way of my creative work and my blogging and my presence online. I have fought many monsters in my life but this one is Mr. Hard Nut in person. Having worked free-lance since I finished my studies, being in charge of an Exhibition Hall for the past 21 months is draining all my energies but I'm determined to be an even harder nut and have my way in the end.

This is an open edition print measuring 12 x 15 cms (4.8 x 6 inches) and it's a reproduction of a watercolour and collage painting I did in 2008. The original sold back then but I still remember how much fun it was to make and I wanted to share the fun with you. It is deliberately naïve and carefree, a painterly window to a sweet seascape.

I use an Epson professional printer and Epson archival pigments for printing on acid-free archival watercolour paper, and I guarantee that the actual item looks better than the image on screen. It can be framed or used as a card. At any rate, I hope you like it :)


Thursday, 14 July 2011

Wetlands - An Artist's Book

Incredible as it may seem (it certainly seems so to me!) I can now dedicate a short while to my blog. My day job is getting in the way of everything lately and summer is always the busiest time of the year. (I run an Exhibition Hall, etc., etc.)

I am happy to be finally able to show you this artist's book or handmade book or accordion book or whatever you care to call it. All three names are adequate. Some weeks ago (omg, weeks!) I posted my first ever artist's book in my website: paintafeeling. This is my second, titled 'Wetlands'. Please click on the slideshow for a full-screen view.

This book was born from an actual memory. A late afternoon spent in a wetland area in Greece, very near the  sea shore. The sun was so low on the horizon that its last rays barely touched the tip of the feathery grasses and made them glow like gold. Thence the golden brush strokes here and there.

It is really an atmospheric abstract painting on 100% cotton, 250 gsm Stonehenge paper. I used acrylic inks and acrylic golden paint. I used artist's linen masking tape to reserve the white spaces where the words appear. The words themselves were initially printed and afterwards transferred onto the painting using soft pastels for their reproduction. An acid-free fixing spray guarantees permanence. The words are simply a repetition of the word 'wetlands' in Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, French and Italian.

I made the case with 100% cotton, heavyweight handmade paper and cut out those little 'windows' to the contents. It all ties nicely together with a delicate muslin ribbon.

This book will soon be on sale at my Etsy shop, I'll tweet and chirp away when I get it there :)

I hope you like my book, I'd love to know what you think of it. Feel free to comment -in fact, please do! I'm really looking forward to your opinions. And thank you for dropping in!


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

and here they are!

I thought I'd show you the nice people I live with :) They are five and I am one. Since I am clearly outnumbered, I am honoured to say that they are willing to share the apartment with me and that they even allow me to sit on the sofa, as long as I don't occupy too much of their space. I could show you photos, of course, but I love doing quick sketches of them and here they are: the sleeping beauty is Milonga, mother of three. She is thirteen and a half years old and has chronic gastritis. I had to check her into the veterinary hospital yesterday so they can give her antibiotics. I'll bring her back home tomorrow though, her condition is not very serious, just something that requires special care and a diet.

This is Garibaldi, Milonga's only son. He and his two sisters are twelve and a half. He is not so rude as it may appear because he didn't deliberately turn his back on me while I was drawing him. I chose the angle because I was too lazy to get up from my chair and walk around to the other side!

This cute lil' head belongs to Carousina, one of Milonga's two daughters. She shifted completely before I was able to draw the rest of her. I think she may be a descendant of the Cheshire Cat family.

And this is almost Colombina, the other daughter of Milonga. 'Almost', because I had no time to draw in her black stains. She is a dear anyway and I'll scratch whoever says the contrary!

And finally this is The Lil' One. She's only two and a half and I picked her up from the street a couple of years ago, when someone abandoned her next to my house. She is half Siamese and very beautiful but when I told her that the outlines were finished she yawned and leaped off the table. So an outline she remained -till I draw her again.

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