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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

and here they are!

I thought I'd show you the nice people I live with :) They are five and I am one. Since I am clearly outnumbered, I am honoured to say that they are willing to share the apartment with me and that they even allow me to sit on the sofa, as long as I don't occupy too much of their space. I could show you photos, of course, but I love doing quick sketches of them and here they are: the sleeping beauty is Milonga, mother of three. She is thirteen and a half years old and has chronic gastritis. I had to check her into the veterinary hospital yesterday so they can give her antibiotics. I'll bring her back home tomorrow though, her condition is not very serious, just something that requires special care and a diet.

This is Garibaldi, Milonga's only son. He and his two sisters are twelve and a half. He is not so rude as it may appear because he didn't deliberately turn his back on me while I was drawing him. I chose the angle because I was too lazy to get up from my chair and walk around to the other side!

This cute lil' head belongs to Carousina, one of Milonga's two daughters. She shifted completely before I was able to draw the rest of her. I think she may be a descendant of the Cheshire Cat family.

And this is almost Colombina, the other daughter of Milonga. 'Almost', because I had no time to draw in her black stains. She is a dear anyway and I'll scratch whoever says the contrary!

And finally this is The Lil' One. She's only two and a half and I picked her up from the street a couple of years ago, when someone abandoned her next to my house. She is half Siamese and very beautiful but when I told her that the outlines were finished she yawned and leaped off the table. So an outline she remained -till I draw her again.


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  1. What great friends you have! We have a dog or I would get a kitty for sure. I love the sketches...I should try to sketch my dog! Love your site. xoxo


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