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Thursday, 21 July 2011

a long path with pauses

My third Artist's Book is in Spanish. Some of you may remember that I live in Spain, so my choice of language here is not that bizarre! I will eventually produce at least one in Greek too, since I was born and grew up in Greece.

I had this idea of creating a series of autobiographic books, in the wider sense of the term. They don't need to be thorough and they don't need to be precise. In a free, artistic way, they will be true. They will reflect my feelings (my website is called paint a feeling, remember?) my experiences and recollections.

This book is a conceptual approach to my subject-matter, more like an introductory note, a trial version, an initial approximation to the subject. I have no idea how long it will take me to create the series, it's not really important either. But the idea of 'painting my memoires' is extremely appealing to me and I know I won't give up on it. Stay tuned!

The English translation per page is as follows:

  2. an insignificant detail - PATH
  3. when I opened my eyes I found myself in an unknown place - PAUSE
  4. PATH
  5. THE SUN
  6. 20805 DAYS - 620000KMS - 12 HOMES - 9611967118 VIEWS - 9 COUNTRIES - 1 LIFE
  9. NO-PATH - HOUSE - a faint vibration
  10. some win and some lose - PATH
  11. PATH

Once entirely open (flat) this accordion book is 162 cms (64.8 inches) long.
Each one of its 12 pages is 13.5 x 14.7 cms (5.4 x 5.9 inches).
I used acrylic inks, graphite and collage on fine-grain watercolour paper. I still have to add the covers, lack of time is my most hated enemy at this moment!


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