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Thursday, 14 July 2011

Wetlands - An Artist's Book

Incredible as it may seem (it certainly seems so to me!) I can now dedicate a short while to my blog. My day job is getting in the way of everything lately and summer is always the busiest time of the year. (I run an Exhibition Hall, etc., etc.)

I am happy to be finally able to show you this artist's book or handmade book or accordion book or whatever you care to call it. All three names are adequate. Some weeks ago (omg, weeks!) I posted my first ever artist's book in my website: paintafeeling. This is my second, titled 'Wetlands'. Please click on the slideshow for a full-screen view.

This book was born from an actual memory. A late afternoon spent in a wetland area in Greece, very near the  sea shore. The sun was so low on the horizon that its last rays barely touched the tip of the feathery grasses and made them glow like gold. Thence the golden brush strokes here and there.

It is really an atmospheric abstract painting on 100% cotton, 250 gsm Stonehenge paper. I used acrylic inks and acrylic golden paint. I used artist's linen masking tape to reserve the white spaces where the words appear. The words themselves were initially printed and afterwards transferred onto the painting using soft pastels for their reproduction. An acid-free fixing spray guarantees permanence. The words are simply a repetition of the word 'wetlands' in Spanish, Portuguese, Greek, French and Italian.

I made the case with 100% cotton, heavyweight handmade paper and cut out those little 'windows' to the contents. It all ties nicely together with a delicate muslin ribbon.

This book will soon be on sale at my Etsy shop, I'll tweet and chirp away when I get it there :)

I hope you like my book, I'd love to know what you think of it. Feel free to comment -in fact, please do! I'm really looking forward to your opinions. And thank you for dropping in!


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  1. I like the way you showed this lovely book from Flickr. I haven't seen this application before.


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