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Saturday, 6 August 2011

about Milonga, my dearest cat

Remember I have five cats? The oldest, Milonga (on the upper left in the picture) is now thirteen and a half and she has been ill with pancreatitis and enteritis. Poor thing! It was a relapse from last year's illness, when I had to hospitalise her in June. I have been worried sick about her and also very busy trying to attend to her needs. She is better now but so weak that she can't even leap onto my bed. I have to help her up.

She lost a lot of weight and has become very choosy with her food. She cannot eat solid cat food and she refuses to eat the same food two times in a row! That's the whimsical part of her reaction. I need to have 5 or 6 different rations ready for her to eat every day and I feel desperate when she starts refusing them one after the other. I even wake up two or three times every night to give her something to eat, because 8 hours without eating are too much for her and she becomes even weaker.

She was on antibiotics and antiemetics (drugs against vomiting) all week long last week and I know that this last shot is painful. Poor thing, she endured the treatment with courage and great dignity. She hasn't vomited for a week now, so my hopes are up. This is a sketch I did of her some time back:

Last week I was also terribly busy at work in the Exhibition Hall. We took down an exhibition, put up the new one and Saturday 30 July was the opening night. On Sunday I felt as weak as Milonga! Dead tired. I dragged my feet around the apartment and did nothing that was not absolutely necessary. That also explains my almost complete absence from online. I felt like tweeting a couple of times but my mind was blank and I had no idea what to tweet about. Not being able to come up with an 140-character sentence is disheartening, you know!

I am trying to be positive about my dear Milonga and I know she is making great efforts to get well. Cross your fingers for her, will you? Send her lots of warm, supportive wishes, they will help her feel better soon. Thank you, dearies!


1 comment:

  1. poor little Milonga
    I really hope she gets better.
    She's adorable and your drawing is lovely


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