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Friday, 12 August 2011

Mallorca in a frame of mind

Please don't think that I am posting this from Mallorca -I wish! Though I live in a gorgeous part of Spain where many people come to spend their holidays (Beceite, in Aragon), I miss the sea. I was born very near the sea (Athens, Greece) and lived most of my life in cities by the seaside: Athens and Barcelona (Spain). It was only six years ago that I moved to a mountainous area. Of course I love the mountains too. And the plains. And the deserts. I love nature, can you tell?

This is a shot I took of a small harbour in Mallorca some time ago. It could be anywhere, I know, but I don't really like to photograph the places you can find on any postcard, and the calm and transparency of this seascape appealed to me. I hope you enjoy it too.

On a side note, I finally finished my 'Long Path with Pauses' handmade book and made some last-minute changes. The covers are in place too, I just haven't had time to take some pictures. I'll post it as soon as I can. Another handmade book is almost finished. It is titled 'The Wind Went to the Fare' and it's kind of crazy. I'm still working on the covers. And my next project will be a book about a friend, who is also the Director of a local Museum. I won't say more on the subject until it's done.

Ta daaa and enjoy your weekend!


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