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Sunday, 14 August 2011

wind and fare preview

The handmade book I am working on these days is titled 'The Wind Went to the Fare' and I haven't been able to finish it yet. August is the busiest month of the year at the Exhibition Hall and time flies like a rocket. So I decided to share with you a scan of the first two pages -not the cover, that's the part that's still missing.

Click on the image to view a much larger... well, image, because lots of detail is lost in this smaller preview. This is not my usual style of painting and I must say I enjoyed it very much. I started with the background, playing with the layers of colour (acrylic inks) and the textures (gesso) and it was the intense, somewhat chaotic result that gave me the idea for the theme. It felt as if gusts of wind swirled around a rich, stimulating environment... a Fare, right?

This is an 8-page accordion book (I haven't tackled more complex book designs yet) and I'll upload a full slideshow soon. As soon as I can, at any rate :) Have a great evening, me lovelies ♥


1 comment:

  1. looks very pretty and sweet :)
    I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the slideshow


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