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Sunday, 11 September 2011

I just checked and I'm still breathing


Who am I greeting, I wonder. Does anyone remember me at all? Having given it some thought, I decided to plunge headlong into my blog and write a new entry. I'm still breathing, I can still type.

Now I realise that my words may convey some sort of danger to my ability to breathe. Nothing of the sort. My health is good, thank you, dearies, and my head is still on my shoulders. And apparently, after a long, busy summer at the Exhibition Hall, my capacity to concentrate is slowly moving back into my head. I hope it stays there.

Two handmade books are almost entirely scanned and photographed, a new painting is on the way (it will be titled 'The chorus' but don't tell anyone yet) and I enjoyed a few days roaming the county with a friend who came to visit. Being uncharacteristically optimistic, I hope I'll be able to post a slideshow of the new books before Wednesday. The painting won't be finished before Tuesday so, for the time being, I am posting some pictures I took during our drives and walks through the countryside.

This is the sixteenth-century Chapel of our Lady of Mercy, about 16 kms (that would be 10 miles, thank you) from the village where I live. It was a glorious day and I think it shows in the picture. I wish that lil' cloud in the middle of the sky were a bit larger and a bit more impressive but we can't have everything, can we?

This gorgeous place is only about 5 kms (3.5 miles) from my house and it is called La Pesquera, something like The Fishing Place. I've never seen anyone fishing in the river but many (too many) people go there to bathe in summer. I took this shot on Tuesday 6 September and, as you can see, the area was blissfully deserted.

I love this picture! It is a close-up view of the river. Do click on the image so you can see the larger size. The colour contrast between the sunlit spots and the shady area was so striking! Warm, bright yellows and cool cyans and even some blues. Nature is a terrific artist.

An even closer view of a spot that looked exactly like an abstract painting. (It takes a photographer's eye of course to see it, eh-em, eh-em...) I bathed in the green 'pool', the water was neck-high and delightfully refreshing.

Driving to the end of the dirt road that follows the river upstream, we found this amazing hut built in the recess of a natural cave. Someone actually lived there decades ago! I was fascinated by the colours on the rock: iron-red, soot-black and a green I can't identify. Here is a close-up of this newer abstract 'painting':

I took many more pictures but I think these few are enough to share the beauty of the area with you. What do you think?


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