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Monday, 26 September 2011

a long path with pauses - update

'A long path with pauses' is the English title of one of my handmade books. The original is in Spanish (Largo camino con paradas) and this is not the first time I post an entry about it. 'A long path with pauses' is supposed to be a short, conceptual summary of the path I've followed in my life and, in a strange way, it can also describe  my activity when blogging, updating my website or listing work on Etsy. I like taking things easy and pausing enough to think and feel.

I made a couple of changes in the interior pages and I finally created the front and back covers. The slideshow here has been updated and the finished object is now on sale in my Etsy shop.

Creating the covers took me a long time and I felt a huge relief and pleasure when I came up with this solution. Both are coated with a special, lovely batik fabric that I bought from FabricFascination on Etsy. My thanks to her for her beautiful items and for her generosity in offering discount coupons to her customers. In fact, this wasn't the first time I used her fabrics to coat book covers. Some months ago I was commissioned with an agenda for a young girl and that was also coated with a lively fabric from FabricFascination:

I was also delighted to see that Alisa Golden, whose publications on making handmade books are my main source of inspiration, included my name with a link to my website in her 'Around the World' link list on her blog. I'm very proud of that, thank you, Alisa!

Thanks for dropping by and may you all have a creative week!



  1. What a lovely post, thanks so much for linking to my shop. I remember the first book well. They are both beauties.

  2. que hermoso trabajo, tan delicado y femenino
    felices días de otoño :)
    abrazos desde Chile


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