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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

she'll dance to Columbia, SC!

What's in a post? If Shakespeare were alive today he would have lots of funny stuff to write about. Romeos and Juliettes falling in love online, a Midsummer Netmeeting's Dream or maybe Ophelia drowning in a torrent of emails.

Ok, my apologies to Shakespeare. If he were alive today he would probably sue me for my banality!

There's something important in this post for me today though, because I made my first sale on Etsy :)) My fair Ballerina will be dancing her way to Columbia, SC.

If you check the date when I opened my shop you may be surprised to see it was on 12 December 2008. Well, it didn't really take me that long to start selling. My shop was inactive for over two years and I started listing items again on 17 January 2011. I knew sales would be slow to come because I really don't have much time to dedicate to my shop but I admit that eight months was more than I anticipated. May my example serve to encourage other artists that have beautiful works on Etsy and are still waiting for their first sale.

In case my customer follows my online adventures to this blog, I would like to thank her for this very special purchase. To show my appreciation, I'll through into the package a couple of A5 postcards of her choice, a surprise bonus that I hope she'll enjoy.

And I will probably include a 1 postcard bonus to all future purchases. I'll write a special blog entry to announce it and I will also trumpet the news in my shop, of course. (I re-listed the item, since it's an open edition archival print.)

So there. I really wanted to share the news with you :) Thanks for dropping in and have a beautiful evening!


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