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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

flying letters

Can letters fly? The a over the b and all the way to the t? Then we would get a brand new couple reading 'at'. And if the p did a somersault and landed right in front of them, we'd get a warm 'pat'.

What am I trying to say with these nonsensical musings? That the colossal body of world literature is composed of only a handful of letters, that repeat themselves in variable patterns, combinations and quantities. I love literature but -short of this brief statement- I wouldn't know how to honour it in its entirety. So I pay tribute to its building blocks, the letters.

This is the meaning of my two most recent works: 'From A to B' and 'Blue and White and Words'.

I like the shapes of the written words as artistic forms, be they calligraphic, typographic or plain handwritten. They establish a visual rhythm and flow that can compete with any decorative motive. In the first original (From A to B) I used metal type sets that I bought from ReminiscencePapers on Etsy. To make sure letters can fly, I supplied the feather, that is from pocketsaurus, also on Etsy.

The letters here were actually embossed on the paper before I used graphite pencils to draw in the embossed recesses and create a stronger visual effect. How did I emboss the letters? Well, since I don't have an appropriate press to do it, I used a hammer! And it worked! I wetted the paper to do that but I didn't wet it enough (patience, I'm still learning) so the embossing was rather slight and that's the reason I resorted to the graphite.

The stunning cobalt blue and the delicate white feathers in 'Blue and White and Words' are from the Etsy shop of KIMONOS. The calligraphic text is my own handwriting and it is part of a short poem also written by me: the flowers on the wall are blooming again and the words escape from the bottle... I used a dip pen and india ink to write it.

Both works are now on sale in my Etsy shop :) There's more information about each piece in the item descriptions, if you care to have a look.

Painting, artist's books, calligraphy, fabrics, collages... Almost too much for my little free time. A while ago I tweeted about participating in a local group exhibition in November. Each of the 22 artists can present 3 artworks and I am already working on the roughs. I'll write a proper blog entry about them when they're finished, with all the pertinent (and/or impertinent) details.

It's been good having you here, thanks for dropping by!



  1. I love the top feather - I really like the simplicity of this image. I know what you mean about too much stuff to do and too little time :-) Good luck with the exhibition.


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