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Monday, 20 February 2012

I'm sorry... I am not... I'm sorry... I am not...

Hello, my friends. It's been a month and a half since my previous post and this delay goes notoriously against blogging etiquette. So now you know that I don't follow etiquettes and that's just as well. In a way, I'm sorry. I feel responsible of this lil' blog of mine and a bit guilty of neglecting it. It's so cold in here now! Nobody has been in to warm the atmosphere and illuminate it with a tiny smile. Ok, I'll smile right away to make up for it :)

I confess, however, that I am not that sorry. What's the point of dropping in, if my mind and my soul are engaged elsewhere? Real life problems (trivialities, like being without a job) have gotten in the way. I won't complain about them because it can get really boring. I will complain though about my artist's block. It's been bugging me for weeks and I am very angry at it. I have several projects in cue and cannot finish any of them. Mixted media originals, textile art experiments (yes, I am getting more and more interested in this field) and a series of paper sculptures/installations. Ooops, this one escaped, I didn't mean to mention it so soon!

Since I now have lots of free time on my hands and cannot really make good use of it, I decided to join my old traditional painting class again. Maybe going back to the fundamentals helps undo the knot that blocks my other work. I enjoy the class. I am the most advanced student (I know, bragging won't get me anywhere) but there is a sweet satisfaction in tackling still life compositions and nudes again. Someday, when the mood is right and the stars are aligned for it, I'll post some of my paintings here.

And here comes now the sneaky part of this entry: I wanted to show you the cards I have recently listed in my Etsy shop. It's the only project I have been able to finish and I'll be listing more cards in the coming days. Some will feature reproductions of original watercolours too. For the time being, they are all photo cards.

I meant them to be simple and elegant. I hope you like them.

Till the stars align again... ♥


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