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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

burlap and feather

As soon as I wrote the title of this entry it made me think of 'Burlap & Feather, Private Investigators' or 'Burlap & Feather, Attorneys at Law'. But no. This is just the temporary title of a new work in progress and I have no idea what the final title will be or what the work will look like when I finish it. I am trying to convince myself that I will finish it though.

Burlap & Feather, Torments, Inc.

I usually bite off more than I can chew and this is oh, so painfully true as far as learning new techniques is concerned. Living in a very small, rural town does not help things either. Specialised workshops and courses are hundreds of kilometres away. Schools too, obviously. So there are many techniques I need to try to learn online: calligraphy, book arts and textile arts are the most important at this point. Learning alone at home is not so much fun either and this is an additional difficulty.

My original idea here is to stitch the two pieces of paper together with loose X-shaped stitches that will allow for that narrow space between them. And I am piling up other pieces of fabric and embroidery to add to the composition. I am trying to make a bizarre piece of deconstructed embroidery (that's the best adjective I can think up for it) and it's a crazy task. That may be a good thing, if I can come up with something satisfactory, since I like the idea of 'crazy' or 'irrational' seeping into my work. The feather will probably stay where it is but not necessarily kept in place the way it is now. And the square patch of patterned cotton will be in there somewhere too. I'll stitch it in place when I know for sure where it belongs.

This is my usual working process. I start with a vague idea, one that appeals to me, and take it from there. Or maybe I should say that it is the arwork that guides me on from there. I need to observe and listen to it, try to 'see through' it and discover what it is trying to say to me. It's a dialogue-in-process and the artwork has so much more to say than I do.

I hope I'll soon be able to post new photographs of the process or the finished work. Oh, and the definitive title, of course :)


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