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Thursday, 22 March 2012

the days we never had

With a mixture of relief and perplexity, I am finally sending my 'burlap and feather' out to the world, as from now ignoring its alias and calling it by its final name: the days we never had

The feeling of relief is easy to understand. I was able to finish a work that has been torturing me for weeks. I put in the final touches, photographed it and carefully put it in a drawer where it will stay till it is eventually sold. Phew! That's a load off my mind.

The feeling of perplexity comes from the fact that the outcome is not what I expected. What do I mean? If I made this, how can the outcome not be what I expected? I have already written about this working process in previous posts: burlap and feather and work in eternal progress. It has been an intense, complex dialogue of sorts, and the work had too much to say. It sent me on a trip to my past, my childhood even, and smacked me on the face with bits and pieces (shreds?) of things that never were. Absences. Losses. It made me think and think again about each and every element of the composition, its meaning and its function. And my 'me' of today had an idea of how this work should progress and how it should look at the end.

The work had a mind of its own.

I meant to include more 'contemporary' elements like the hand-printed text on paper and the black & white photograph of the thorns, to break the romantic overall effect and create a greater contrast between past and present, nostalgia and reality as it is. I couldn't. I found no place for them, either on the composition or in my mind. I finally gave in and settled for what the days we never had wanted to be. A bitter-sweet statement with the accent on the sweet.

The actual artwork is 36 x 25 cms (14.4 x 10 inches) and it is mounted on a 47 x 31 cms (19 x 12.3 inches) piece of quality handmade paper.

I also used two pieces of deckle-edged, heavyweight handmade paper as a background for the composition itself. Both papers are roughly hand-stitched together with coarse twine. They are not meant to be perfectly parallel or adjusted to each other.

The feather became a symbol of love: soft, fragile and lovely. And dangerously prone to flying away! It is held in place by a strand of textured yarns and threads, that embrace it and tie it down at the same time. Haven't we all felt this way sometimes when we are with our loved one?

The burlap is the rough (yet beautiful) surface of our lives. Shredded at the edges, as our feelings and emotions can be torn on occasions.

The buttons are a symbol of everything firm and secure, the things we can rely on not to become unfastened.

The three white flowers are made with layers of white cotton fabric (underneath) and interlining, that I afterwards stitched together around the centre. If my work were titled 'Days of Wine and Roses', they would be the roses.

Even now, as I look at it, new questions and uncertainties come up. But it's finished, I can feel that. It says things about me that I'd probably rather not reveal (like that darn romantic side of my character) but I need to respect that. I don't like my nose either but I have to carry it around with me anyway :)

So this is the final version of this almost never-ending story - you can now find it in my Etsy shop - and I wonder what you think of it. Does any of the inner turmoil come through to the viewer? I'd really love to hear what you have to say.



  1. Just found you in Karen Ruane's classroom - I can see from this post why you are drawn to her work! I'll be adding your blog to my blog's sidebar so I can check in more often - your profile/bio was sufficiently hilarious and original to keep me wanting more!

    1. It's a good thing that you found me, because now I found you too. I had fun writing my bio and it's so nice to know that it's appreciated :) Thank you.


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