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Tuesday, 27 March 2012

the stitch itch

Right now I am very happy, I feel so happy that I am smiling to myself. Yesterday I enrolled to an online course on contemporary embroidery!

I found Karen's blog quite by chance, so much so that I can't remember what drove me to it in the first place. But what a fortunate discovery that was! I am increasingly interested in fabrics and textile art, and when I saw that she will soon begin an online course on Embroider - Embellish - Create I knew I had to go for it.

I haven't embroidered anything in years. When I was little and the world was a different place (where more women had time and felt like creating wondrous treasures with needle and thread) one of my aunts taught me a couple of embroidering techniques. Maybe three. I have forgotten them all. I still keep some of my 'fabulous' works of that time: a couple of cross-stitched cushion covers, a table runner (I think it took me six months to complete) and the best of them all, a small runner? table cover? made with a technique I can't translate to English (if anyone knows how it's called, please leave a comment, I'll appreciate it):

I can't believe I made this! My aunt made the centre stretch of intricacies though and I can only take credit for the surrounding whatever-its-name-is.

Now what really engaged me about Karen's course is that it's about contemporary embroidery. My idea is to go on from there and incorporate embroidered fabrics in works of abstract textile art. Deconstructed cloths and designs, torn fibers, inclusion of paper - embroidered, painted, printed - and a long etcetera.

Karen's work is amazing and I think you'd love it too, whether you're interested in embroidery or not. It's a treasure trove of beauties. The course will start on 1 May and I can't wait for it to begin. I think what I learn there will have a major impact on my work, a whole new orientation. It means so much to me now, that I don't understand why I never took this path before.

I now have to buy the materials: fabrics, needles, an embroidery loop, a waste canvas... I am not going to write down the whole list here. It's just that I'm so excited about buying these magical objects! Will they turn me into a stitch witch? I certainly hope so.



  1. How lovely to be so excited, I hope you really enjoy the course. Thanks for reading my blog.

    1. Hi Jackie! I really liked your blog and your work on Flickr, and I know I will enjoy the course. Thanks for dropping in.

  2. I love your excitement! I am guessing that the edge of your beautiful white piece is ''cutwork'' and we will be doing that...but in my way...

    1. I feel like a little girl about to dive in a barrel full of candies! I think it has to do with my recent search for new ways of expression and suddenly... there you were!

      'Cutwork', thanks. I couldn't find the translation anywhere. I'm sure your way will be beautiful!


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