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Thursday, 1 March 2012

the tree and the city

Hello e-ve-ry one! I can't tell you how pleased and relieved I feel right now. Not only have I been able to create something new, in spite of my stubborn and frustrating creative block, but I am also writing a blog entry about it. So once again Alice in Wonderland is so very right: this is getting curiouser and curiouser.

the tree and the city

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I often buy one thing or another on Etsy, mostly supplies for my own work. I try to be wise and not overspend because, as most of you know, the temptation is great. Anyway, I have a long list of favourite shops and a short list of favourite favourite shops. And I must say I owe the inspiration for this artwork to one of my recent purchases: the Seafoam Recycled Silk Sari Ribbon from jmozart.

I was just playing with the ribbon, flattening it with my fingers to explore the fascinating secrets of its details, when the feel and texture of it suggested the idea of a tree trunk. So I took a piece of Khadi paper and placed my 'tree' right in the middle. The wonderful thing about inspiration is that, when it finally comes, I don't even have to think what I'm doing. My hands seem to know more than my mind does. So I immediately hand-stitched it in place. I had no doubts about its position and no doubts that I would know how to complete the composition.

When these magical moments occurr, I feel positively able to fly! The only reason I don't is because I need to stay on the ground to finish my work :)

So the following step was to paint the blotty forms of the buildings. I used acrylic gesso to add some texture and reserve white spaces at the same time and, once dry, I painted over it with acrylic inks. The outline of the buildings and everything else sewn onto the paper was hand-stitched using embroidery threads.

This is the upper part of the tree trunk where, while still feeling the ribbon, I discovered this wonderful patch of a different colour. Like a reflection of the sky. Can the sky be reflected on a tree? Well, it obviously can.

The roots are a bunch of threads I shredded from the ribbon. I also shredded the white gauze covering the buildings, to make it even more vaporous and frayed, like a thin veil of mist. I thinned some eco-friendly, acid-free pvc glue with water to help keep the roots and the gauze in place, because they are too sparse to hold them down with stitches.

And we're back at the top. I really like that aqua/teal sun/star thing on the sky. It makes sense.

I hope you like my little 'tree and the city'. I listed it in my Etsy shop yesterday. More works of textile art will follow. Mixted media, really, because I don't want to stop using paper as a supporting surface or other, non-fabric materials either.

Thanks for dropping in, I'd love it if you commented what you think of this!



  1. Hi Ersi,
    This is my first visit here and I just wanted to say what a beautiful blog you have created. It appears to be a very fitting expression of your artwork. I will enjoy coming back again.

    1. Hello, Amanda! Thank you for your lovely comment and most certainly for following my blog. I am delighted! I am following yours too, so I'll stay up-to-date with what you have to say about zines and everything else. It's good to know we'll be in touch.

  2. Your work is very delicate and elegant. It is very intelligent artwork and I love how you use the mixed media.

    1. Thank you, Shelley, you are very generous. I can't think of many greater compliments to my art than to call it intelligent. You just made me happy!

  3. This piece is beautiful! I look forward to seeing the progress on burlap and feather...already so lovely! Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog, it makes me smile.

  4. Hi, thank you for dropping in too! I love that you like my lil' work, it's very encouraging. And I'll let you in on a terrible secret: I am already drying 4 bags of different teas to use on my burlap and feather composition. I think I'll try putting them in the oven to speed up the drying process.

  5. Hi Ersi, this is a lovely work you've made here. I will enjoy keeping in touch with you through your blog.


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