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Saturday, 28 April 2012

more work in progress

Being in progress is ok, right? Better than being static? Better than not being? This is a piece I started two months ago but wasn't able to finish. Other things came up, I got distracted, I distanced myself emotionally from it and there it is. Two months have gone by and it is still in slow, lazy progress.

It doesn't even have a definitive title yet, I just named the file 'walls'. Because these rectangular forms are meant to be walls and this piece is meant to be the first of a series dedicated to structures, buildings - urban and not - houses, homes, dwellings. A series of white-on-white pieces with an occasional touch of colour. I hope I can keep it minimalistic and understated. I say 'I hope I can' because sometimes things get out of hand, as was the case with the days we never had. However, maybe I managed to put into that piece all my over-sweet, over-stated itches and now I am free to move on to a less visually busy sphere.

My 'wall' series also has to do with me, my personal history, my way of relating to the world. In this case, this will probably only show in the style, not the content. 'Home' es very important to me and, to my great surprise, I've had many. From Greece to Spain, from childhood to adulthood, I've made my home in 12 different houses or apartments. Are they really as many as they seem to me? Would I have preferred to spend all my life in a single home? I was much more adventurous when I was younger and the idea of travelling and getting to know new countries and places was too much to resist. If anyone had asked me back then how would I feel about knowing 12 different homes I would have said 'Fantastic! 120 would be even better!' I am more settled down now.

But I have always carried the idea of 'home' with me, a set of imaginary walls of sorts that delimited my personal space. A well-lit, warm and cozy place to be, a friendly ghost of one single home. So it has to be white on white, right?

I'm still not sure why I added the threads but I know there is a reason. Is it just formal, to break the rigidity of the straight lines and rectangular forms? Or do they have a representational purpose too? They could represent a tree, drifting smoke or even some roots? There I go again with my roots. They are not finished yet, by the way, though I did make considerable progress there. I hope I'll be able to show you the completed artwork soon.

As for my walls... well, I'll finish them too and hopefully add to the series. I have the preliminary sketches, now it only takes time and patience to explore my artistic homes.



  1. Ersi, I adore your work, the simplicity and yet your compositions are also complex...does that make sense. You added the thread because the work spoke to you....my work speaks to me too so I am not crazy then!! and I love to wink too!!!

    1. Dear Karen, thank you! It's so good to know that we see things eye to eye (horrible pun intended). Yes, my work speaks to me though I may not always understand what it says from the beginning. Your work speaks to me in the same way. It's as if I had something similar within me.

      About the complex simplicity... it's a great compliment. Simple things are the hardest to achieve, it takes so much trimming and cutting and pruning and throwing out the superficial. And the superficial can be so seductive!

  2. i love the threads - of course we don't have to understand why an element belongs for it to belong. But, in 'my dream' of your work, the threads represent the connecting tissue between the 12 homes... they represent essence/connection/vitality in the realm of harder, more stiffened structures

    1. Dee, your interpretation of the threads just added a new cohesive element to my series! Wow, that's wonderful and so rare. Now the threads may become a recurrent object, threading their way across my 12 pieces. What a fascinating surprise, thank you!

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Lisa! Good to have you here. And may I add that I have several delightful bundles of silk sari ribbons that are screaming at me to use them in my work? :)


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