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Saturday, 12 May 2012

flags for peace - a project and a wish

I would like to dedicate this blog entry to an online project by Mary Jane Dodd. It is open to all artists who want to participate creating a peace flag. All flags will fly on 21 September, the International Peace Day, embracing with their wavy rhythm the whole world and sharing an offering of goodwill and wishes for peace.

Mary Jane created a blog for the project: flags for peace project - 2012 where you can read about her beautiful idea and the means she offers to collaborate. I found out only a few days ago and I immediately decided to participate. I have shared the idea with a local group of artists - painters, photographers, sculptors, ceramists - to see if they would like to join in as a group. Each one of us can create a flag with the material of their choice, fabric, paper, wood, and we will photograph our flags on 21 September and share the photos on the peace project blog but also on our personal blogs.

I also thought that, if the participating artists were willing to send a small printed copy of their flag, we could hold an exhibition of all the photographs in the Cultural Centre of Beceite, the village where I live. I talked to the Town Hall about it and they were very happy with my idea.

I fast-forwarded a bit here, because I still have to hear from some of the local artists and obviously, if there are several hundreds or thousands of participants, an exhibition would be virtually impossible for lack of space. But the Internet has no space limits or boundaries and I do hope there will be a great number of artists who will feel inspired to create for Peace.

Thanks for the inspiration, Mary Jane!



  1. this is such a wonderful idea and i thank you so much for an idea that branches off in a new direction...

    1. I may have some new participants for the project, an art group from Barcelona. It would be really nice, because they create Land Art. Imagine a flag covering hundreds of square feet on the ground! It hasn't been confirmed yet, I'll blog about it in 'flags for peace' as soon as I know for sure.


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