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Sunday, 17 June 2012

the mole resurfaces

Hello blogworld. This particular mole is me and I am resurfacing after over 40 days of silence. I put those days to good use, so I am not really regretting it. Silence is a fine place to be when learnign new things and trying to take them in and make them mine.

I have been inmersed in my 'Embroider, Embellish, Create' online classes. The amazing cloth in the photograph is the result of my dedicated, industrious and joyful efforts. And what makes it amazing is that I actually made that!

Six weeks ago I knew very little about embroidery and other people's works were simply wondrous to me. I asked myself 'How did they do that?' and couldn't answer, so it all stayed in the realm of creative miracles. Now I know more and I see wondrous possibilities in every stitch I've learned.

My cloth is not finished yet. What you see in the first picture are my first two sections joined to form a larger block. And the second shot is a closer view of my first section.

 This is my entire second section just before I joined it to the first. I won't write endlessly about the names of the stitches and other embellishments, you can read all about that in Karen's blog. What I will say though is that I'm so delighted with the cheerful and warm effect of all these different stitches applied in an almost completely improvised way. Contrary to traditional embroidery, there are almost no rules here. The personal choices and imagination of each embroiderer are the limit and we all know there is not limit to imagination.

This is part of my third section, that has only been partially embellished and there's still work to do here. And my fourth section will be a little mystery that I'll show you and write about when it's done.

This week though I'll have to set aside my embroidery materials for a few days so that I can finish my piece for the upcoming group exhibition. We open on Friday 6 July but everything has to be ready and in place by Monday 2, so I'd better concentrate on this. In fact, I won't set aside my embroidery materials at all, because I plan to use one of the resources Karen taught us to complete my work. It won't look so neat and stylish - Roots are not exactly neat - but it will come directly from my knewly acquired knowledge. Little embroidery balls bouncing their way over to mixted media art. I am smiling to myself. Now I can only hope that they will look as good as I imagine them.

You'll get a chance to see and judge for yourselves in my next post.



  1. This looks wonderful, ersi. I am amazed to hear you didn't know how to embroider before. Seems the class was really excellent. Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. Thank you, Amanda! Karen is an excellent teacher indeed and it looks like I stumbled upon a passion I wasn't aware of. I'll be posting more work here.

  2. such a lovely post Ersi. I can really feel your love for your embroidery....

    1. It's a wonderful thing if you can feel it, Karen! You know, I've even had dreams about myself embroidering. I think that means it's gone really deep.


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