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Thursday, 5 July 2012

between art and nature

Hello everybody. I hope I can manage a short entry before running off to the Exhibition Hall to receive the 250 kgs/500 pound stone sculpture. I think I should take some pictures of them taking it down the entrance steps. That should be worth seeing!

In the meantime I am posting a few photographs I took last evening near home. Just to show off my surroundings a bit more. It does feel like showing off, because I admire them so much.

That's the building where I live, an old paper mill turned into apartments, and that's my tiny balcony overlooking the river. The two windows to the left of the balcony belong to my place too.

Some image editing obviously took place here. I thought the white vignette could convey the feeling of strong heat, a bleached-out sky and a hazy atmosphere.

An old house and a bucolic group of trees. Most of the grass has turned yellow by now. What looks like snow on the distant mountainsides is actually sun-bleached dust.

I never know the names of the plants but I loved this streak of magenta against the dark green background. That's a fig tree, that much I know!

If I could swim in a sea of leaves, I would. Even hopping from leaf to leaf would make me happy.

Tomorrow is the big day. Exhibition opening at 20:00 hs. They called me from a local radio station this morning to interview me live. Gosh, nobody had warned me! But I think it came out just fine. Stay tuned for news on the opening night.


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  1. Fantástico lugar para vivir! Es un lujo estar en contacto con la naturaleza.
    He paseado por tu blog y me ha gustado muchísimo, lleno de creatividad y talento. Te sigo, un beso,
    Maribel M.B


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