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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

late? who, me?

I'd really like to include the sound of trumpets here because I'm so thrilled. I have finally been able to finish my first week's tasks for Karen Ruane's 'An Embroiderer's Ledger' online course, that started a month ago and has already finished!

This is the double spread with the corresponding exercises: a source image (I chose one of my pop art fractals), three colour samplers (made with watercolours, embroidery threads and soft pastel sticks), a reinterpretation of the palette in a completely different design, an altered palette and the original sampler interpreted with hand stitches.

You can see the entire source image on the far left. I decided to name this Ledger 'Better Late Than Never' for obvious reasons.

This is how I started, with my fractal, a colour palette made with the computer and my first stip of colour samples. I used what I have come to call 'the thing' to mark the page for the stitched sampler. I own a tool whose name I have completely forgotten. Can anyone help me out?

And these are my embroidery threads for the project, right next to the palette. Some of them look quite different in the photograph, not so much in real life.

A closer view of the first samplers and a printed copy of a strip of my fractal. The entire image is on the left page of the spread, as you can see in my first shot.

The entire spread was great fun to work on but I particularly enjoyed this part. I thought that since the computer-generated fractal is so geometrical and high-tech, I could reinterpret the colours creating a more traditional, decorative design. All the colours of the sampler are in it though the proportions have varied a bit -or a lot.

Though the e-course if over, all the instructional videos will be availabe indefinitely and Karen will also be there to answer questions and clear any doubts. Studying with her is a wonderful, fun experience. I started with the 'Embroider, Embellish, Create' course in May and this is the second class I am taking with her. And even though my work here is so different from my other projects, I continuously find inspiration and ideas to use in my art. Like the fabric beads that became 'roots' in my recent work for the group exhibition.

I am already imagining how I can apply what I learn in the Ledger course to... an artist's book, maybe?



  1. in a way, you are lucky to be behind. look at how much you have to look forward to. we've already been there and it's over. looking forward to seeing how you progress through the remaining lessons.

    1. Thank you, Deanna! You're right, I still have most of the fun ahead of me and I can get so much pleasure and inspiration viewing the works of others in the Flickr Group. Didn't do it on purpose though, I promise :)

  2. Oh this is lovely! Don't worry about being behind - take your time and get the most out of it. I am seriously considering doing Karen's next course in August. I am a total textile beginner, but very drawn to it. The only reason I haven't signed up is because I am only just home, but with the course info staying online indefinitely I think I will probably go for it.

    1. Amanda, I have no doubt you will enjoy every moment of it! I am a beginner in textiles too but Karen is thorough, patient and a great teacher. I am looking forward to your embroideries! And it's good to know that I am not the only 'slow' one :)

  3. What an interesting technique! It's lovely how you deconstructed the original image and re-interpreted the colors.

    1. Thank you for coming by and for your lovely comment! This technique is very interesting indeed and it opens up so many new perspectives and applications. I know this e-course will be a ball!

  4. What a great project... and yours looks amazing! I never worry if I don't get things done in time. My number one rule is Be Gentle With Self. and number two... One Step At A Time.

    1. Hello Kim, good to have you here! I always promise myself that I won't worry about deadlines and I always fail. I'll keep your rules in mind though!


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