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Monday, 30 July 2012

living in greyscale

I am trying to take a much-needed mini holiday. A three-day holiday, to be precise. August will also be a busy month for me, since I will work 5 days a week in the Exhibition Hall while continuing my tasks for Karen's 'An Embroiderer's Ledger' course and starting to elaborate my Flag for Peace for the 2012 Project.

I sneaked away from my holiday relaxation however to say hello and post some more photographs from Beceite, where I live. Just a few days ago I wrote an entry with some black & white shots from Barcelona. Today's entry is dedicated to Jack Oudyn, a fine artist and a dear online friend.

This is Beceite as seen from my balcony, the largest wide-angle shot I can get. The village's history dates back to the Roman times, when it was called Mirabilis. During the Middle Ages the Arabs coexisted with the Christians here and the name 'Beceite' derives from the Arab 'Abu Zeit'.

The belfry of Santa Ana, a small fourteenth-century chapel near the entrance to the village. I walk past it to go to work. I took this shot from a narrow, almost-secret path that is a shortcut to the Exhibition Hall.

This shot is from Calaceite, a village 28 kms from Beceite. There are 18 villages in the area and all of them still have the Medieval air about them.

This detail could be from anywhere but it's from around here, I promise.

Part rock, part water. I took this shot on the banks of river Ulldemó, a very popular spot to go for a swim in summer.

And this is the Pena Reservoir, about 4 kms. from Beceite. A lovely walk along a narrow country road through olive groves, almond orchards and vineyards will take you there. When you come to visit, that is!

Some of the photographs have been 'cyanotyped' digitally. I felt the bluish tint reflected their essence better.



  1. Thank you so much, the photos are magnificent. I like the bluish tinge on the last one. What a beautiful place you live in, so much history.

    1. How great that you like them! I confess photographing my surroundings here is harder for me than in Barcelona. The countryside and the villages are so 'busy' visually. Lots of vegetation, old houses crammed together, the sky seems to be the only unoccupied space. I like looking for rhythms and elements that help me structure a composition but I need to learn to appreciate the chaotic element here. Its beauty makes up for everything though.

  2. E-the light touch of the grayscale you have used gives many of the photos quite a soft mysterious etherial look - bit out of this worldliness. Go well. B

    1. Thanks, Barry! I admit I like editing my photographs, ever so slightly even, to convey the feelings the images inspire in me. I usually 'see' something hidden behind the image. It may be a dreamy quality, like in this case. 'Otherworldliness' is a nice adjective :)

  3. Love the photos Ersi, and it looks such a wonderful place to live. The digitally cyanotyped ones are especially beautiful.

    1. It really is a wonderful place full of shady secrets and sunny giggles (if you can imagine nature giggling, that is!) I'm so pleased you enjoyed the photos, thank you.


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