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Monday, 9 July 2012

opening evening photos!

Is it Monday already? Don't answer that, I know it is. I dreamwalked my way through the weekend after a quite exhausting week of preparations for the exhibition opening on Friday 6 July.

It was a great success! I took many photographs but most of them won't do at all. The Hall was crowded and I mostly got pictures of people's heads and backs. I think it must have been about 100 people and that's saying something for an art venue that is not very large.

I managed to have quite a decent view of the crowd here. That's because many of them were gathered around the vernissage table, just behind the wall to the right.

I took this shot after most vernissagers (sorry!) had moved away. I barely had a bite. Nasty of them.

Everybody was busy chatting, laughing, commenting on the art, wining and dining. Nobody cared to pose for me. Oh, well...

A sneak peak of the first visitors to arrive. They got a chance to see the works of art calmly and thoroughly.

And then they started gathering...

I love this view of the Hall. This is our reading area, with a large, comfortable sofa to lounge on with an art book.

Another small crowd in front of the Exhibition Hall. It was an inside/outside kind of event.

The lady on the right is me, trying to explain what my work is all about.

The lady at the centre is me. What was the big joke? I can't remember. I always improvise my presentations at the openings so I probably said something funny. Verba volant...

This is the little bridge leading to the Exhibition Hall when it's not crowded with people. Very homely, isn't it?

And this is the view from the entrance: a fourteenth-century stone bridge, a gravel path leading to the Hall and luscious vegetation. This is what I see every time I go to work. I hope you enjoy it too.



  1. This is such a beautiful place and It was good to ''see'' you! I hope all is good with you....

  2. ENHORABUENA por la exposición! Un lugar espectacular para mostrar tu maravilloso arte.
    Te deseo mucha suerte y muchos éxitos.
    Un abrazo,
    Maribel M.B

    1. Muchísimas gracias, Maribel! Por tus buenas palabras y también por tus deseos. Lo mismo va por ti, por descontado! Te sigo ahora para no perderme tus aventuras artísticas.

  3. Ersi Marina - stopped by to visit your blog for the first time - lovely pictures of a gorgeous place. Thanks so much for sharing.

    1. Thank you for coming by, Debbie! I'm very pleased you enjoyed your visit and my compliments on your lovely paintings!


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