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Monday, 2 July 2012

setting up the exhibition

This is my third post in a week and I really shouldn't be blogging right now but I do feel like sharing some photographs with you all. The upcoming 'Roots' Exhibition is all set to go! I only need to take care of some minor details (like placing a 250 kgs / 500 pound stone sculpture!) but the rest of it is done. Four of the sixteen participating artists spent the day yesterday setting up the exhibition and I took some photographs of the process. My own work, finished and in place is among them. We are opening on Friday 6 July at 20:00 hs. so if anyone happens to be nearby, please come see us, have a glass of wine (probably more), chat, laugh and enjoy the show.

This is my work, titled 'sometimes, outside'. It has to do with my cultural roots. I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece, but have been living in Spain for many, many years. I uprooted myself in a way and grew new roots outside my country. Thence the title and the hand-printed text on the scrolls, that literally says 'sometimes - we throw - roots - outside'.



A close-up view of the work above the scrolls. I used waxed baker's twine for the sprout-like threads shooting up outside the paper backing.

The entire upper part set against the wood boards. They are old and worm-eaten but the boards have been treated against the wood worms and are now safe for use. I love the marks the worms left on the surface!

And my fabric bead roots resting loosely on their own wooden board. They also hang with baker's twine from the main piece above.

I can't resist sharing this photograph, because it was like a moment of revelation and we all stood gaping at it. For a few minutes around seven in the evening the sun came in through the window and its rays lit my work in an almost mysterious way. The whole thing glowed. The white paper came to life and the strings hanging down looked like strings of an arcane musical instrument. I really felt like the Chosen One for a few seconds! 

With the permission of the artists, I am showing you some photographs of the working team. I was one of them but I don't appear in any of them. I love taking pictures but I hate having my picture taken. This is José Manuel Aragonés, the sculptor who is still working on the 500-pound stone sculpture, trying to figure out where to hang a set of photographs.

And this is Lluís Ribalta, another sculptor gone light technician. Hang on in there, Lluís, or you'll fall off the frame!

The sweet Silvia Sanmiquel taking a pause. Yesterday she announced she is pregnant, congratulations, Silvia! She is participating with an installation of rastas made with her own hair!

Silvia's hair installation and Laia Vaquer's photographs finally in place. Laia is posing naked, laying in a nest of real tree roots. You'll be able to see that clearly if you click on the image for a large-size view.

I do believe Lluís saw the light yesterday :) Behind him hangs an oil painting by Ingrid Tusell, a female figure asleep in a 'womb' of roots.

Ana Carreras, painter, was also taking pictures of the men and women at work. I think she took one of me but I don't have it yet.

And a forged-iron sculpture by Mónica Naudín, a slim sweet girl you'd never guess she is a blacksmith! Pity she took away so quickly I didn't have time to take a picture of her.

After the opening I'll be able to photograph all the works and - hopefully - all the artists, so I can present them to you. I hope this entry hasn't been too long and boring. Thank you for reading all the way down here!



  1. Ersi, this is a fascinating post, not boring at all. The exhibition looks wonderful and your work is exquisite. I look forward to more photos from the exhibition, including the elusive one of you.

    1. Thank you so much, Carol! I am an old lady with a big nose and cameras don't really like me :)) But I will post the photo when I get it.

  2. What a cultural little community you belong to Ersi. The exhibition is coming together wonderfully, such a great variety of work. All the best for your opening on Friday,I'm sure you'll all have a lovely time. While you are having a wine or two,have a wine for me too.

    1. It's a deal! I'll have a wine or two and, since you're such a dear friend, I'll even have three. Anything over that number would leave me zig-zagging my way among the crowd and hickupping my comments to the TV crew :))

      There is indeed a nice cultural community in this county, an old haven for artists and writers. Even Picasso spent some time nearby a century ago. We try to keep the creative spirit going.

  3. Ersi- your work looks stunning in place; and it comes together so well. I love the plinth the roots are resting on as well. The whole gallery space looks amazing and interesting - congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much, Fiona! I hope nobody will trample on the roots :)

      The Hall is indeed a beautiful place, worth seeing in itself. I'll try to take a short video of it after the opening tomorrow.


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