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My name is Ersi Marina and I live in Spain though I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece. I kept it all very Mediterranean.
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Friday, 31 August 2012

flag off the loom

My recent blog entries have been close together, usually I'm not so talkative. But frankly, August has been so maddeningly busy that I have taken every little opportunity to blog and share something with you, so I could feel more centered on my things. And I am grateful for your warm response, it has helped me through four consecutive nasty heat waves and other unpleasant moments that are happily over.

Today I would like to present to you (...drumroll...) my loom! My toy loom, to be precise. It was given to me as a gift when I was a child, it came straight from the U.K. and it worked! I remember using it to make scarves and cushion covers. Where are they? I have no idea. Somewhere in Athens, buried in someone's store room or, even more probably, lost forever. I remember my mother explaining the instructions to me, since they are in English and I had some trouble understanding them. It was my mother who bought the loom for me in London and she is probably at least partly responsible for my love for fabrics. The ones I made back then are lost but the loom isn't. I kept it all these years, decades really. And I'm so happy I did.

Because, at long last, I have started working on my Flag for Peace and at least one of its parts is being woven on my toy loom. The fabric is 18 x 22 cms (7.2 x 8.8 inches) but can be weaved to a length of 1.5 mts (5 feet). As some of you may have already noticed, I started out the wrong way, following the wrong direction, though now I do understand the instructions! Never mind though, because what I have in mind is not a nicely structured weaved fabric.

My ideas for a flag were numerous and varied. I even considered creating a rope ladder. It is only now that I am really working on one that things come together and I usually find my way along as I work. The piece speaks to me and it leads the way. So I can't tell you exactly what my flag will look like. There will probably be more than one woven piece sewn to cotton fabrics and some strings hanging loose. I'll be sharing the process with you.

What I am using here is a three-strand macramé cord. I am separating the strands and weaving them one by one. The flag will be a white/off-white composition of fabrics, some embroidery will take place if I have the time for it and different materials will be there too. I am weaving my way, feeling my way to completion.

Recovering my toy loom for this project speaks to my heart. Isn't that where Peace resides?

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

some strength in pale

The Wall
Sikinos, Aegean Sea, Greece

Thinking of the Past
Amorgos, Aegean Sea, Greece

In Love II
my table top, macro lense, fallen leaves

Sunday, 26 August 2012

lucky again!

I have been pondering for a while how to title this blog entry. Something that could convey my surprise and amazement without sounding like a five year old's scream of joy. I failed. No ingenious phrase, no witty exclamation came to mind. So I stick to the facts: I have been lucky again, I won another online draw!

Mallorca in a Frame of Mind

Barry was holding a lovely give-away in his blog and he was giving away no less than three beauties made by him: a brass tube ring, two earring leaves and a 'tadpole' spoon. And yes, my name was drawn again out of the hat and I won the brass tube ring! Thank you so much, Barry! When I left a comment to the entry where he announced the give-away, I thought to myself: 'Wouldn't it be great to have that ring?' Et voilà.

Sitges, Catalonia, Spain

I wrote in my previous entry that I hadn't won anything in a draw since I was seventeen. So maybe you are as amazed as I am with my luck recently. Two wins in a week! I'll be itching and twitching till Julie's fabric and Barry's ring get here. And then I'll show them both off in my blog. Is some showing off allowed on exceptional occasions?

Afternoon Stroll
Sitges, Catalonia, Spain

This evening I'm having dinner out with some friends. The temperature has gone down and we can finally breathe and sleep at night and enjoy the open air. Maybe next time I dine with them I'll be wearing a gorgeous brass tube ring!

Friday, 24 August 2012

green: searched and found and won!

Hello friends the world over! (You know, I feel proud I can say that.) I am at home today because it's Saint Bartholomew's Day in Spain and that is the patron saint of Beceite, the village where I live. And it's a holiday. I really needed one. August has been incredibly busy and although I like my work in the Exhibition Hall I confess I was secretly counting the days till the 31st. All my personal work is on hold, I've hardly been able to tackle any projects and that always makes me feel frustrated and somewhat disoriented. Today I am starting to get myself back. Though there are still 7 days left till the end of the month, they will be much calmer and I'll be able to at least think about my personal work. Phew!

Sitges, Catalonia, Spain
The pictures in this entry are for decorative reasons
only but I hope you'll enjoy them anyway

But fun things happen in spite of the stress. On 16 August I snatched some time to write an entry: have I got green? and post a couple of impressive photographs of a green chameleon. Actually, it's the chameleon that's impressive, green as can be and very photogenic. He is a superstar, really.

I posted the photographs after reading Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's entry: Searching for Roy G Biv - Green. It is really a search for Red Green Blue and Jennifer posted some beautiful shots in her entry. Once she started looking for Green she made many beautiful discoveries. The truth is she always does.

I named this 'Alley of the Thieves'.
It's a Medieval narrow passage in Valderrobres, 6 kms from where I live.

And she is not alone in this quest for colours. Julie B. Booth is leading the way too and I think you will all have lots of fun joining in the game. You can find the rules here: Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge. Julie posted some seriously lovely greens too, check them out here.

As I was rushing through the blogs I follow, in a darn busy August and at 42º C or an equally hot 107.6 F that lasted several days (please, heat wave, go away and don't come back!), after reading Julie's blog I immediately forgot there was a Challenge fabric to be won, printed by Julie with carved turnip and green pepper. It's beautiful. And guess who won it? I did!

The waters of the Ulldemó,
one of the two rivers in Beceite

I never win anything in draws. The last thing I remember winning was an aqua-green patterned piece of fabric with matching earrings at school, when I was 17! That was... hmm... a long time ago. Yet green seems to be my lucky colour, doesn't it? So I'm very happy with my fabric and thank you, Julie! One of your many fun and lovely designs will soon land in my mailbox.

An old door with a very new decorative pattern,
Penarroya de Tastavins, Aragon, Spain

The next Challenge will be about Blue. There, now you know, go take some pictures of the most popular colour on earth. (I read that in the paper, so it's official :)

Sunday, 19 August 2012

a fisherman's art

Not the art of fishing

but the art of weaving nets

and spreading them out to dry on the wharf

without even thinking about art

or colour combinations.

Photographs taken in Arenys de Mar
a small town on the Costa Brava,
the Northern coast of Catalonia, in Spain.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

have I got green?

I hadn't planned on writing a blog post today but having a quick look down my blogzzz list gave me a nice excuse. I came upon Jennifer's entry Searching for Roy G Biv - Green (it really means she's searching for Red - Green - Blue) that ends with a question to her readers: Have you got green?

I do! And what a gorgeous, unexpected green it is! This dazzling chameleon belongs to a neighbour (it's her hand that you see here), he's her pet and peaceful companion. A perfect contrast to her boyfriend, she told me!

The chameleon does not have a name or was not willing to disclose it. He was however more than willing to be petted, stroked and admired.

I took these pictures about two weeks ago but, being August a very busy month for me, I never decided to take the time to post them. So thanks, Jennifer! I hope you like my green.
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