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Friday, 24 August 2012

green: searched and found and won!

Hello friends the world over! (You know, I feel proud I can say that.) I am at home today because it's Saint Bartholomew's Day in Spain and that is the patron saint of Beceite, the village where I live. And it's a holiday. I really needed one. August has been incredibly busy and although I like my work in the Exhibition Hall I confess I was secretly counting the days till the 31st. All my personal work is on hold, I've hardly been able to tackle any projects and that always makes me feel frustrated and somewhat disoriented. Today I am starting to get myself back. Though there are still 7 days left till the end of the month, they will be much calmer and I'll be able to at least think about my personal work. Phew!

Sitges, Catalonia, Spain
The pictures in this entry are for decorative reasons
only but I hope you'll enjoy them anyway

But fun things happen in spite of the stress. On 16 August I snatched some time to write an entry: have I got green? and post a couple of impressive photographs of a green chameleon. Actually, it's the chameleon that's impressive, green as can be and very photogenic. He is a superstar, really.

I posted the photographs after reading Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's entry: Searching for Roy G Biv - Green. It is really a search for Red Green Blue and Jennifer posted some beautiful shots in her entry. Once she started looking for Green she made many beautiful discoveries. The truth is she always does.

I named this 'Alley of the Thieves'.
It's a Medieval narrow passage in Valderrobres, 6 kms from where I live.

And she is not alone in this quest for colours. Julie B. Booth is leading the way too and I think you will all have lots of fun joining in the game. You can find the rules here: Searching for Roy G Biv Challenge. Julie posted some seriously lovely greens too, check them out here.

As I was rushing through the blogs I follow, in a darn busy August and at 42º C or an equally hot 107.6 F that lasted several days (please, heat wave, go away and don't come back!), after reading Julie's blog I immediately forgot there was a Challenge fabric to be won, printed by Julie with carved turnip and green pepper. It's beautiful. And guess who won it? I did!

The waters of the Ulldemó,
one of the two rivers in Beceite

I never win anything in draws. The last thing I remember winning was an aqua-green patterned piece of fabric with matching earrings at school, when I was 17! That was... hmm... a long time ago. Yet green seems to be my lucky colour, doesn't it? So I'm very happy with my fabric and thank you, Julie! One of your many fun and lovely designs will soon land in my mailbox.

An old door with a very new decorative pattern,
Penarroya de Tastavins, Aragon, Spain

The next Challenge will be about Blue. There, now you know, go take some pictures of the most popular colour on earth. (I read that in the paper, so it's official :)


  1. What a wonderful post Ersi! And congratulations on winning Julie's green this month. Her fabrics are a delight, but then I am a bit biased, having been friends with Julie for...oh...about 10 years now.

    I'm so happy you've joined our search for Roy. Your photos are amazing and have me yearning to visit Spain one day. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! I think I'm biased about Julie's work already and her recent interest in naturally printed fabrics makes it all the more interesting.

      I need to go on a photo expedition soon, searching for Mr. Biv. I'm sure I saw him sneaking around recently and I'll try to make the best of him :)

  2. Hi Ersi-
    I love your photos and can't wait to see what you come up with for blue next month. The fabric will be in the mail by Monday...not sure when it will arrive in Spain... So glad you won it, though...Now...hmm..have to start thinking about blue fabric...

    1. I'm sure it won't be long before the fabric gets here, I'd say ten days max. I feel as if I've only half seen it, since fabrics (like paper) need to be touched and felt to enjoy them thoroughly. I'm glad I won it too! Looking forward to your blue fabric already.

  3. Hi Ersi - how excitement! I think green really must be your lucky colour...you need to 'talk' with Barry!

    1. Hello Fiona, I 'talked' to Barry a while ago and I still can't get over my surprise. New post coming soon :))

  4. Wonderful photos as usual Ersi! That chameleon was really something. What a great outfit.Do they occur naturally in Spain or is it introduced? Makes our Australian bearded dragon lizard look very dowdy.

    1. Well, silly me! I was so fascinated by that creature that I never asked where he comes from. I certainly will next time I see the owner.

      I googled the Australian dragon lizard and I think he's a looker too. He has a gorgeous yellow-green colour in some of the pictures.

      Happy you like the photos, Jack, thank you :)


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