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Sunday, 23 September 2012

searching for something blue

Last Thursday was the day to post our 'blue' photographs for Jennifer Coyne Qudeen's and Julie B. Booth's challenge 'Searching for Roy G. Biv' (Deciphering: searching for Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet)

Having been sick, I didn't make it in time for the challenge and I wasn't able to take any new pictures either. But I thought I could post some older blues to honour the occasion, and here they go:

This curious creation is a fractal that I made years ago. Four years, maybe? I remember lovingly tweaking the colours for hours till I got the exact blue I was looking for. It is titled 'feeling number 2'.

Not a ship sailing in the sky but the dome of a chapel in the Aegean island of Mykonos. The whitewashed walls reflect the warm light of the setting sun.

Yet another chapel in Mykonos, this one photographed shortly after noon. Harsh shadows, bold contrasts. It dates back to the sixteenth century, if I remember correctly.

Several shades of blue in Santorini, one of the most famous and most beautiful islands in the Aegean Sea. The hazy isle in the distance is, in fact, the crater of a volcano that is still considered active. Its last eruption was in 1954 and it wiped away a whole village on the island.

Flying to the other side of the Mediterranean, this is the Spanish island of Mallorca. Stormy skies and a windy day finally calmed down in the late afternoon.

Mallorca again. A small fishing village on a quiet Sunday morning. It was November and the sun was still warm though not so blinding as in summer.

The small cemetery on the outskirts of Sitges, on the Catalonian coast. The chapel seems to be attracting the clouds to itself.

Julie, Jennifer, I'm sorry I missed the challenge but at least you know I didn't forget about it!


  1. Ersi- Such lovely Mediterranean blues. I'm sorry you missed the deadline...but understandable. I'm so glad you posted your blues today. I've linked my post today to your blue post. Also, I really enjoyed seeing all the wonderful Peace Flags from your group. Indigo next month...which is going to be a challenge for me!

    1. Thanks for everything, Julie! I'll have to work hard on the indigo too, keep my eyes open for it. I love the colour but it's not so easy to come by, I think.

  2. Lovely blues. I love the old-fashioned fishing villages.Yes, people fish here, but not from centuries-old hamlets!

    1. Good old Europe! Centuries of history under the modern surface. I'm so pleased you like the photos, thanks!

  3. Stunning! Simply stunning Ersi. I have to admit that my favorite is your fractal. It just speaks to me. Did you create many of these? I'd love to see more if you did.

    Be well.

    1. I am so happy you like them, Jennifer! I worked with fractals for about six years and I have a small website for them: http://www.wix.com/fractaline/dot

      There are many different styles there: geometric, minimal, pop, baroque, whatever. I hope you enjoy them. And I'd love to know what you think of fractals :)

  4. What an inspiring collection of blues! The photos you took in Greece are especially striking...the white structures set off the sky so perfectly - it almost seems that Greece has a different sky than the rest of the world!
    Your image of the fractal is also very enticing...coincidentally, my daughter told me that one of her art teachers was explaining the concept of fractals today; I will have to show your 'creation' to her...I'm sure she will enjoy seeing such a creative example.
    Good luck (and have fun) with 'INDIGO'! And I hope you are feeling better (the changing of seasons can be confusing to the body, I think).

    1. Hi! I love that you like my photographs and yes, Greece does have a different sky than the rest of the world. It's famous for it!
      If you and your daughter are interested, you can see more fractals in a wee website I have: http://www.wix.com/fractaline/dot
      I would be happy to provide any information about them, the programme I use, etc.
      I need to start looking for 'Indigo' shots soon. I am feeling better now though not completely recovered. I need to take it easy.
      I do thank you for your kind words and for dropping in!

    2. Thanks! It took me so long to get around to actually writing my comment that I didn't realize there had been another comment/response in the meanwhile (in which your link was given). I did find your site devoted to fractals - and even better that the video in which you're featured is in Spanish since my daughter uses any opportunity to 'practice'! What an amazing study you have done of fractals. Thanks again...

  5. Your photography is always stunning, ersi, and I love those Greek islands and those wonderful blues and whites.

    1. Thank you, Helen! I love photography and the Greek islands are an endless source of inspiration and delight. I don't think I've seen such clean, bright blues anywhere else.


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