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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

an autumn ride

Last Friday afternoon I went for a ride with a friend, Xavi. He took me to see the very old farmhouse he bought some time ago. It's up in the mountains, about 40 kms. or an hour's ride from where I live, half of it a dirt road strewed with stones and crossed by furrows. You need to drive slowly, which you would do anyway, so you can enjoy the surrounding nature.

Autumns are mild in Spain, so there were barely any reds and yellows around. But the few we saw were so beautiful! Xavi has been working hard weeding and scrubbing his 23 hectares of land. This is the view from the front of the house.

And this is the house. Lots of work to be done here too but I think you can already tell that it will be lovely when it's finished. Up to the moment Xavi has been working more on his vegetable garden than on the building itself, he will probably start on that next spring.

Stones everywhere, a stone cutter's paradise. A very Mediterranean countryside, it reminds me of Greece.

This is the view from the north side of the house. The effects of a very dry summer are obvious, even at 1,000 mts altitude (about 3,000 feet). The vegetable garden has suffered too, since Xavi can only drive up there once a week. But we brought back home some delicious tomatoes, green cabbages and Swiss chards.

The first red leaves of autumn, subtle splashes of colour in the landscape. It was a very warm afternoon till the shadows started creeping up. Then suddenly I needed a sweater and a coat!

I am a bit ashamed to admit that I don't know what those berries are. I'm not even sure they are berries but I do know they look gorgeous against the blue sky. They made me think of Christmas.

Some of Xavi's corncobs. He was so happy to see that his vegetable garden had not gone completely to waste!

Just as we were leaving I saw this beauty standing out against the bluish evening shadows. It was a lovely trip to wildland and I can still remember the peace and calm I felt up there.

P.S. I now have six pieces of watercolour paper stained with rust, I'll blog about them soon :))


  1. How wonderful to get away up into the mountains for a glimpse of new textures/colors/materials. And I am wondering if your 'mystery berries' might be rose hips, the fruits that come once roses blooms are spent? They are very high in Vitamin C and make a lovely tea... They often have more of a round shape, but they seem to exist in a variety of shapes, sizes & colors as well.
    Looking forward to hearing more about your rust-works...

    1. Hi and thanks! I'll try to investigate the 'berry issue', my knowledge of plants and trees is very limited. I do remember photographing rose hips some time ago but their colour was very different. They were also in a different part of Spain though, so that might explain it. I'd love to try the rose hip tea!

  2. I'm thinking rose hips, too, Ersi. Sometimes they are orange, and sometimes more rounded. What beautiful countryside, and that house is wonderful. Good luck with the rusting!

    1. Rose hips they will be, at least until someone comes up with another name :) The countryside is beautiful indeed, rough and solitary but absolutely enchanting. I took more pictures, maybe I'll post them too.

      I am working on my rusted papers, next post will be all about them. Thank you, Carol!

  3. Beautiful area Ersi. That corn looks amazing. Sorry I can't add to the berry/rosehip quandry. They look like chillis to me!! but I guess you would be able to identify chillis if you saw them.

    1. I'd certainly be able to identify chillis if I tasted them, he he! That was a wild bush on the mountain though and I'm pretty sure chillis need to be cultivated. It never occurred to me to taste one :)

  4. I have enjoyed this tour around Xavi's new home.. Thanks Ersi - you certainly can see how glorious it will be. Loved hearing too, thatyou are about toplay with rust. You will have fun.

    1. Thanks Susan! Maybe Xavi will invite us all to spend some days in his mountain home when it's finished.

      I am having grrreat fun rusting papers and I'll post some of them tomorrow.

  5. what a beautiful place to have a home. I hope the busy weekend you were expecting went well and that you can now relax a little.

    1. Last weekend was pure madness, I'd like to forget all about it. Thanks for asking, Karen. I have been able to relax quite a bit, I didn't even turn on the computer yesterday! I am working on my rusty papers, applying some seed stitches and a bunch of french knots here and there :))


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