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Monday, 19 November 2012

lucky violets

And lucky me! I was the winner of Julie B Booth's fun and beautiful fabric hand-printed by her in lovely violet hues! I won it in the draw that Julie holds each month among the people who participate in the Searching for Roy G Biv challenge held by her and Jennifer Coyne Qudeen

This bunch of anything-but-violet flowers is for Julie, who will make me a bit richer in fabric beauty. Thank you, girl!

Jennifer is wondering whether to add White and Black to the challenge, as well as other colours: 'There are other colors to explore - such as black, white or black & white. What do you think? What other colors would you like to help look for? Should metalics be on the list - gold, silver, copper. Ooh! Just imagine the patinas that copper could bring...'

Yes, definitely yes to all of them! Roy G Biv is not a challenge to explore just one colour but also the wide variety of its hues, the difficulty to know where blue ends and violet starts, for example, the ability to combine colours and hues in a beautiful way, the decision to use complementary colours to create contrast and some visual drama or to play with colours of the same tonal range to make a subtler visual statement.

I always enjoy participating and I hope Jennifer and Julie will decide to take the challenge a few hues further. I'm challenging them!


  1. Congratulations on winning Julie's violet fabric! I'm always amazed by the magic she works with dyes or paints.

    It's been such a joy having you participate in our search Roy. As far as I'm concerned, your idea of addressing white, black, black & white then the metallics is wonderful...not to mention exactly what I'd been thinking too. So...should December be white, do you think?

    1. Thank you, Jennifer! This challenge keeps bringing me luck and participating is a joy for me too. I hope when we run out of colours we'll start all over again.

      White is just perfect for December. I doubt we'll get any snow here in time but searching for Christmassy whites (among others) will add to the challenge. Let's go for it!

  2. Ersi- Thanks so much for my bouquet of "anything but violet"! It's been a pleasure having you be a part of these challenges. I agree, let's continue. It's been fun for me to create the fabrics...challenging myself each month. Now white will definitely be a challenge! I'm so happy you won the fabric...your excitement is contagious!-Julie

    1. I can tell just by seeing - and admiring - your fabrics how much fun you have creating them. I am now the proud owner of your green and violet cloths and I think I'll take some pictures of them when I have both. The colours are complementary and they will look striking together.

      I'm cleaning my camera lense and going through my whites for the December challenge. Pity it's a month away!


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