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Thursday, 29 November 2012

out of the blue

 Folegandros, Aegean Sea, Greece

We were having a perfectly reasonable autumn weather, as reasonable as the weather can be: cool temperatures, cloudy skies, quite a lot of much needed rain, sudden patches of intensely blue sky, trees going from yellow to copper to rust, sunsets on fire. Nice! Then suddenly winter was here. Heavy leaden clouds racing and rolling nonetheless, a considerable drop of temperatures and an icy wind that gives no respite.

Lefkada, Ionian Sea, Greece

So I downloaded a lovely ice-covered landscape to my desktop and (logically?) started thinking of summer. Bright blue skies, warm nights, inviting seas and boat rides. My best summer memories are from Greece and so are these photographs.

Herakleia, Aegean Sea, Greece

My favourite Greek islands are the very small ones, the lesser known ones, where you will find a reasonable amount of tourists (am I being too reasonable today?) and some good solitary stretches of sand to sunbathe.

Corfou, Ionian Sea, Greece

While still working on my white [paper] on white [paper] series, I decided to take some time off to show you what my summer memories look like. I have already finished seventeen out of twenty white pieces and have started working on the packaging. I gave myself some extra work (being reasonable again) and started making boxes with balsa wood for each piece. I think they will look nice. My next blog entry will be all about them.

I love winter, by the way, much more than when I was younger. I appreciate its reflective qualities, the sweet warmth of home while the weather rages outside, the quiet. There's beauty in gray.


  1. Such beautiful photos! I'd love to go to Greece. Your balsa boxes sound interesting but a lot of work. Stay warm!

    1. My balsa boxes were such a lot of work (easy but slow) that I haven't been able to blog in many days. The results were worth it though, I think. I'm so happy you enjoyed the photos, thank you!

  2. how interesting, i too have been ruminating on grey lately (and am posting about it today!)... we appreciate the summer because we know the winter, and visa versa, yes? your photos are beautiful and i look forward to seeing more of this project... though for me, your white projects are more about peace, innocence and softness than any time of year - rather, they have a very timeless quality.

    1. Hello, Mary Jane! It has taken me ages to read and answer your comment, sorry about that. You're right, we cannot really appreciate things unless we know their opposite and we're so much the richer for it. I love your seeing a timeless quality in my whites, it's a lovely interpretation. 'Serenity' is what I had in mind when I created them and freedom too. Free space to think and to act. Thank you!

  3. Thank you for the dip back into the memory of summer! The photo of Corfou makes me want to dive into the water - what stunning light & reflections.
    I'm looking forward to seeing your white pieces in the next post; in the meanwhile, enjoy working with them!

    1. Hi and thanks so much! The Corfu shot was taken at sunset and it was the last rays of the sun that created that very special light. Happy you enjoyed my trip back to summer.


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