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Friday, 9 November 2012

volcanoes and gift packages

I've been a bit of a slacker in my blogging lately. After two very enjoyable and creative weeks that produced my 'Old Country' series of work on rusted paper, the muses took a break and left me struggling with my larger-sized papers. We started with a staring-down duel: I stared at the papers and they stared back at me. I lost that initial stage of the fight and decided that there shouldn't be a fight at all, if creating became a struggle, I'd better just let go for a while. Chicken! Sneered the papers. I disdainfully dropped some dark watercolour stains on them and put them away. Just for a while.

Unwilling to produce images of my dueling and splattering, I decided to share some photographs of volcanic soil taken near Olot, a small town in Catalonia, Northeastern Spain. The area is known as The Garrotxa Volcanic Zone Natural Park and it is very beautiful, among other things for its colourful soil.

The colours change depending on the time of day and the weather, and those high crater walls are quite spectacular.

A tripod, a zoom lense and a patient photographer (that would be me, thank you) searching for distant details.

Passing clouds, change of light, change of colours. Photographer gaping, release cable clicking, friends impatient for lunch. Who cares about lunch? Click. No, I'm not hungry. Click. You go. Click, click.

In my previous post (I just clicked forward to today) I posted a couple of photographs of my packaging idea for the December Art Supermarket. I got some very useful comments suggesting that I needed to include my details on the packaging. Oh, woes! I was happy with my rather simple decorative solution and I'd rather not overload the envelopes with too much information but you're probably right. My details should be on there somewhere.

My card will be inside each envelope and I also thought I could throw in small prints of some of the details, so that customers can use them as gift cards if they want.

Now I think I will simply stamp my details on the packaging using white ink, so it stands out and also matches the white paper strip folded around the envelopes. How does this sound? Nice? Poor? Bleh?


  1. Mmm...your Olot photos are like frosting swirled onto a cake!

    1. Ha ha! That would be one explosive cake (seeing that it's a volcano).

  2. Your photographs are, as usual, quite stunning, ersi.

  3. wow, fine work, love that last piece-

    1. Thanks very much, Velma! For passing by too.

  4. this work, the rust pieces make me sigh softly.....

    1. Who can ask for a better reaction? Thank you so much, Karen!


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