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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

who said violets are blue?

This is my entry to the 'Searching for Roy G Biv' Challenge hosted every third Thursday of the month by Jennifer Coyne Qudeen and Julie B. Booth. Julie will be giving away a won-der-ful cloth printed by her, so good luck to everyone who participates!

I missed the Indigo challenge last month. I just couldn't find any indigos anywhere, it turned out to be a very difficult colour. November's hue is Violet though and I do have some of that! I am posting today, because I won't be home tomorrow morning and I'm not sure at what time I'll be back.

Sikinos, the Aegean Sea, Greece

Violet can be bluish or reddish. Most of my shots lean to the bluish side. The shot above is of a lovely street in a tiny village on the island of Sikinos at dusk. Almost no details in the darker areas but isn't the sky lovely? And the whitewashed walls are bathed in the unltraviolet light of the late afternoon.

Near the coast of the Ionian Sea, Greece

I took this shot while traveling along the western coast of mainland Greece. I just had to stop the car and take a picture. Those isles have no name, as far as I know, they are uninhabited and dry. Aren't they photogenic though? And those distant birds gracefully obliged too.

Near the coast of the Ionian Sea, Greece

Same evening, further down the road. The moon is as round as it can be. Tripod used in all instances.

El Far, La Garrotxa, Catalonia, Spain

Back to Spain. It's not early in the morning or late in the evening, it's just about noon! But the heavy fog shrouded everything in a violet mist. It was February, alt. 800 mts (2,400 feet aprox.)

El Far, La Garrotxa, Catalonia, Spain

Same place, same time, a slightly different angle. It was terribly cold and I had to take off my gloves to handle the camera. Brrr...

What's in a name?

Some kind of thistle? I'm so ignorant when it comes to the names of the flowers and plants. The violet splash on the background is plain, simple shadow on a rock. The impressionists were wise.

Violet pansies in June

I knew the name of this one! I feel a bit redeemed.

Violets are almost blue...

And these, me lovelies, are violets and I couldn't very well leave them out of this post, could I?

I changed the header of my blog. Since rust went straight to my head, I thought it was only fair that it go to my header too. Like it?


  1. oooo...such lovely violets! I'm intrigued by violet fog... Those violet skies are simply amazing. Thanks for taking part again, Ersi. And yes..a "smashing" looking header!--Julie

  2. Thank you, Julie! I picked these shots from my archives last month, when I finally gave up on indigo, and couldn't wait to post them.

    As for the violet fog: I think the fact that it blocked the sunrays completely allowed for the ultraviolet hues to show. Normally, we can only see them at early dawn and at dusk.

    And I'm thrilled you like my new header!

  3. Your violet-hued images are gorgeous - what an inspiring way to kick off the November challenge (you must be the first this month). I love the very natural range of violets you captured.
    And I noticed your new header as soon as I arrived on your blog - I think this very special paper of yours makes a wonderful greeting for visitors to your site...

    1. Your comment is a special compliment, since you take such beautiful photographs yourself. All these shots were taken with my analogic Nikon, using Fuji Velvia 50 ASA. I loved that film! It saturated the colours, captured the details wonderfully and rendered the ultraviolet light especially well. It was perfect for early morning and late afternoon shots.

      Love it that you like my header too, thank you!

  4. love, love, love the header -
    and the images are gorgeous, i am so glad i got to see them!

    1. Mary Jane, it's wonderful to hear from you again, thanks for the lovely comment! I hope things are going reasonably well and that you are rising above the sequels of Sandy. I wish I were nearer and could help.

  5. The pictures from Greece are haunting. Thank you.I'm pretty sure you could have "gone there" for your indigo!
    Ersi, I'm intrigued by your picture of violets. Perhaps my monitor is not showing them well, but they look like aubretia. Whatever they are, they fit the colour bill.:-)

    1. Thank you Diane! I probably tried to be very strict with my indigo shots, I didn't feel like digitally shifting the hues to meet the challenge. It turned out to be an elusive colour.

      Subretia? I'll have to google it :) The truth is, a friend told me those are violets and I took her word for it. Maybe they call them violets in Spain? (Blushing a bit...)

    2. I meant Aubretia, of course!


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