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Sunday, 30 December 2012

2013 projects starting

Does the title sound as if I had two thousand and thirteen projects in the making? Fortunately, that's not the case but the first six months of the year are already packed with activities that require attention and dedication. They are all art-related and I am thrilled about each and every one of them but I also need to be very careful or I could easily fall behind on the deadlines.

a letter a week 2013

This is my first project and one that will be running throughout the year. Every participant has to create two sets of alphabets, 52 letters in all, one for each week of the year. One of the sets will evolve around the idea of Peace and the other one is a free theme. The only other rule in the game (I like to think of it as a creative game) is that the letters must be painted, collaged, punched through, stitched or whatever on a 7cm x 7cm supporting surface. That's it. Hop over to the blog to read the details posted by Fiona Dempster, the fine calligrapher and book artist who is managing the project.

The next project has to do with our local art group named 'Roots' (arraïls in the Catalan spoken in the area). From 22 March to 23 April we'll be holding a group exhibition in a very beautiful place: the Convent de Sant Salvador near Horta de Sant Joan, a village 18 kms from Beceite, where I live.

It was probably the Templars that started building the Convent around 1100 AD and new floors and wings were added to the initial construction through the centuries. Today the building hosts a hall for exhibitions -among other things. Surprisingly, I haven't been able to find any pictures of the hall on the Internet but you can tell by this photograph how interesting and beautiful the area and the building are. The general theme of this exhibition will be 'Ports', that means mountain passes in Catalan. It wasn't the theme of my choice, I generally prefer more abstract ideas to work on, but it was voted for by the majority of the Group's members so I'll have to start working on it very soon. Next week, to be precise.

The third project will be a solo exhibition in Zaragoza in May. Zaragoza is a lovely city 150 kms from where I live, pop. slightly over 700,000.


And this is the venue: the Centro Joaquin Roncal, in the old quarter and very near the historical centre of the city. The Centre has more than one hall for exhibitions and I don't know yet where mine will take place. There are still several details to be specified, the size of the hall being one of the most important. I need to know how many artworks I'll have to produce and their size, of course.

This opportunity came up because there is an association of Greeks in Zaragoza. 15 of the 60 members are Greek and the rest are Spanish interested in Greece, its culture, history, music, food, etc. I was contacted by the association and they proposed the exhibition as an event running parallel to a series of activities - Greek dance lessons, live music, conferences, etc. - organized by them for May. Their only request (rather than condition) was that my works have something to do with Greece.

I explained that they would be abstract / conceptual works of art, so now I must decide how to include - or rather allude to - Greece in my work. Dear me, it's not all that easy. But I usually find my way along a subject after I start working on it, not before, so I'll tell you more about it when the time comes.

The following project has to do with Arraïls again. About 55 kms from here there's a village called Corbera d´Ebre. It is known in contemporary Spanish history for its role in the Battle of the Ebro during the Spanish Civil War (1936 - 1939). In fact, the old centre of the village is like a living monument to that war. As you can read in Wikipedia (a very short entry on the village): 'This town was thoroughly destroyed during the Battle of the Ebro in the Spanish Civil War . The lower part of the town has been rebuilt but the higher part, including the old church on the hill, has been kept as a reminder...'

The old church is called San Pere (Saint Peter) and only part of the building still stands. It is a symbol of the destruction caused by the war but now also a centre for art. The village hosts an Art Biennial that is due again in the summer of 2013 and we will participate with a series of collaborative works. I am really looking forward to that. Producing a work of art with someone else, an artist using an entirely different medium, is a challenge that opens up many unpredictable paths for creativity. It's still too early to know the details but that old church is such a striking, overpowering place that I'm sure we will all be inspired to create something unique.

And of course: a very Happy New Year to you all!

Friday, 21 December 2012

I think I heard a 'ho-ho-ho'

I made myself an early Christmas present and signed up for the A Letter A Week 2013 project. The new blog is up and running, and one of the alphabets we'll create will be based on the idea of Peace. I hope there'll be more of it everywhere. After all, we've entered a new era. Yes?

Thursday, 20 December 2012

in a state of white

This is my entry to the 'Searching for Roy G Biv' challenge held monthly by Julie B Booth and Jennifer Coyne Qudeen. This month's colour is WHITE. Those of you interested in participating, just post your white photographs and leave a comment on Julie's blog so she knows and can mention you.

a show of fog and snow

my (living)room with a view

zooming into silence

white-washed and sun-bleached

a white fractal rose

and a white fractal mystery

white-on-white embroidery I

white-on-white embroidery II

white paper on white paper

white papers in white boxes

My thanks always to Julie and Jennifer for holding this pressure-free, fun-filled challenge!

Friday, 14 December 2012

a cabbage, a door and a cold

the cabbage

the wood

the door 

the magic keyhole

the woodworm and the rust

the village of Lledó

Where I went with a friend some days ago, to spend the morning and take some photographs. In the process, I caught a nasty cold so today I'm spending the day at home, sipping hot milk with honey and munching on oranges. No pictures of that!

But this is a picture of me while catching the infamous cold. It was sunny, it was freezing, it was windy and my warm jacket was not warm enough, as it turns out. Time to give in and take an aspirin.

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

the art market

How can a simple, unpretentious Art Market mean so much work? And so much fun too, to be fare.

Some of you may remember from a previous post that I have been creating a series of small-size pieces for a local event, an Art Market that opened on Thursday 6 December. Well, it was quite a success! Many people attended the opening, I don't know the exact number but I would guess about 100. That's quite a lot for a village Art Market.

This is the venue that is hosting our Market, the Centre of Interpretation of Honey, in Arnes, South Catalonia. It's a lovely Medieval village only 15 kms (about 10 miles) from where I live.

Eleven of the eighteen artists comprising our group 'Roots' are participating in the event with sculpture, photography, painting, mixted media art and jewellry.

What you see in these photographs are the sculptures of José Manuel Aragonés. Since they are placed right in front of the windows, they were much easier to photograph from the outside than from the inside looking out. (I hate using a flash when I take photographs.) I also really liked the reflection of the buildings on the glass.

Yet another sculpture by José Manuel, followed by the paintings of Francesca Payeras and her husband, Àngel Vilamajó.

Just around the corner in the previous photograph is the remaining space occupied by the Art Market. As you can see, the venue is quite small but I think we made the best of the available space. My own work is right on the lower right side of this shot.

I used an old kitchen table to display my work, generously provided by a friend. It is in very good shape, though not painted and with some rough spots on the surface. I love that! It also has a nice drawer where I keep the paper bags and envelopes for wrapping.

Right next to me is Lluís Ribalta Coma-Cros, another sculptor who opted for creating stone and wood pendants, each named after a star or constellation.

To the left of my 'stand' is the work of Jordi Ferrer, a painter / photographer / graffiti artist.

And these are the photographs of Monique van Rossum, beautifully framed with wooden boxes taken from beehives. This is probably not the right name for them, sorry, I hope this is one of the cases where an image is worth a thousand words!

The work of Ana Carreras Bricollé, varied and colourful. She says she wants to start working on tire installations now!

The beautiful drawing studies made by Silvia Sanmiquel, my photo really doesn't do them justice.

The tiny watercolours of Birgit Ploessner, a German painter who recently moved to our area. They are very lovely and have a distinct German Illustration air about them.

This is the work of Mónica Naudín: copper rings and iron table mats, as well as some purely decorative iron plates.

And here's lil' ole me again. My cute kitchen table and my rusted papers on the wall. The cellophane slip cases reflect the light and I hate that but I decided I needed to protect them somehow.

And these are my white [paper] on white [paper] works displayed on the table. Not all of them, actually. Three sold on the very first day, along with one of my rusted papers. Yeay!

I finally made the balsa boxes. They are very easy but time consuming to make. I worked till the very last day and I didn't even have time to have them photographed properly. The vertical box on the left is one of those that sold.

Just click on any of the images to see them properly, many details are lost in these small-size views.

All the embossings were made by hand, since I don't have a press. I should probably buy one...

Again the box on the left sold on the first day. I really like these concave shapes, I want to work more with them.

Guess which box sold? The one on the left, of course! I wonder if I should place all my works on the left of something when I photograph them so they will sell. Do I sound superstitious?

Ok, I am now creating some new paper pieces and balsa boxes to replace the sold ones. The event opens only on weekends, so I hope I'll be able to finish at least three before Saturday. Thanks for dropping in and for having the patience to read all the way down here!
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