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Tuesday, 11 December 2012

the art market

How can a simple, unpretentious Art Market mean so much work? And so much fun too, to be fare.

Some of you may remember from a previous post that I have been creating a series of small-size pieces for a local event, an Art Market that opened on Thursday 6 December. Well, it was quite a success! Many people attended the opening, I don't know the exact number but I would guess about 100. That's quite a lot for a village Art Market.

This is the venue that is hosting our Market, the Centre of Interpretation of Honey, in Arnes, South Catalonia. It's a lovely Medieval village only 15 kms (about 10 miles) from where I live.

Eleven of the eighteen artists comprising our group 'Roots' are participating in the event with sculpture, photography, painting, mixted media art and jewellry.

What you see in these photographs are the sculptures of José Manuel Aragonés. Since they are placed right in front of the windows, they were much easier to photograph from the outside than from the inside looking out. (I hate using a flash when I take photographs.) I also really liked the reflection of the buildings on the glass.

Yet another sculpture by José Manuel, followed by the paintings of Francesca Payeras and her husband, Àngel Vilamajó.

Just around the corner in the previous photograph is the remaining space occupied by the Art Market. As you can see, the venue is quite small but I think we made the best of the available space. My own work is right on the lower right side of this shot.

I used an old kitchen table to display my work, generously provided by a friend. It is in very good shape, though not painted and with some rough spots on the surface. I love that! It also has a nice drawer where I keep the paper bags and envelopes for wrapping.

Right next to me is Lluís Ribalta Coma-Cros, another sculptor who opted for creating stone and wood pendants, each named after a star or constellation.

To the left of my 'stand' is the work of Jordi Ferrer, a painter / photographer / graffiti artist.

And these are the photographs of Monique van Rossum, beautifully framed with wooden boxes taken from beehives. This is probably not the right name for them, sorry, I hope this is one of the cases where an image is worth a thousand words!

The work of Ana Carreras Bricollé, varied and colourful. She says she wants to start working on tire installations now!

The beautiful drawing studies made by Silvia Sanmiquel, my photo really doesn't do them justice.

The tiny watercolours of Birgit Ploessner, a German painter who recently moved to our area. They are very lovely and have a distinct German Illustration air about them.

This is the work of Mónica Naudín: copper rings and iron table mats, as well as some purely decorative iron plates.

And here's lil' ole me again. My cute kitchen table and my rusted papers on the wall. The cellophane slip cases reflect the light and I hate that but I decided I needed to protect them somehow.

And these are my white [paper] on white [paper] works displayed on the table. Not all of them, actually. Three sold on the very first day, along with one of my rusted papers. Yeay!

I finally made the balsa boxes. They are very easy but time consuming to make. I worked till the very last day and I didn't even have time to have them photographed properly. The vertical box on the left is one of those that sold.

Just click on any of the images to see them properly, many details are lost in these small-size views.

All the embossings were made by hand, since I don't have a press. I should probably buy one...

Again the box on the left sold on the first day. I really like these concave shapes, I want to work more with them.

Guess which box sold? The one on the left, of course! I wonder if I should place all my works on the left of something when I photograph them so they will sell. Do I sound superstitious?

Ok, I am now creating some new paper pieces and balsa boxes to replace the sold ones. The event opens only on weekends, so I hope I'll be able to finish at least three before Saturday. Thanks for dropping in and for having the patience to read all the way down here!


  1. I'll have to come back and drool when I have time! Some beautiful things in here, not least your white-on-white.
    Oh, yes...the bee pieces. Those frames are, in fact called frames.

    1. That's a lovely comment, thank you! You are welcome to come back and drool any time :)

      Frames! Thanks for the tip, I don't know why I ever called them 'boxes'.

  2. What a fun & inspiring post to read/browse through! I loved seeing all of the different artists' work (+ the context of the venue)...and of course having a chance to see the results of the past several weeks-worth of your work in the studio. Congratulations on the lovely collection of new pieces - and how wonderful that some of them have found new homes.
    Happy working this week!

    1. Ah, thank you! I wish I could take some days off creating right now, it's been pretty intense, though I'm not really complaining. This is what I love to do. The white paper pieces in their balsa boxes gave me the idea of creating a series of small paper sculptures and my head is full of ideas now. I hope I can show you the first results soon!

  3. how wonderful! everyone's work is so terrific - what company you had...
    i love your work - the balsa boxes are really so perfect, a genius move to be sure... and i had to laugh, the first one i would have bought was the first one on the left! but they are all so soft yet defined... i wish you had an online shop!

    1. Thank you so much! I am in good company indeed at the venue and in 'Roots'. Creative work can be very solitary - mine certainly is - and the chance to meet other artists regularly and plan events is hugely appreciated. I'm delighted you like the balsa boxes, I must say they attracted quite a lot of attention.

      An online shop? I've been toying with the idea for a while now, since I closed my shop on Etsy. How wonderful that you thought about it too, it's very encouraging :)

  4. Ersi- Thanks for the tour and even better once you mentioned that I could click on the images to see them better. I love what you are doing with the dimensional white-on-white and especially the concave shapes with punched holes. You are all set for Roy White on Dec 20th! BTW, I apologize for not getting the violet fabric in the mail to you yet. It's been a bit hectic here. Will try my best to get it out before the holidays (I'll let you know when it's sent)-- Julie

    1. Hello Julie, I'm so happy you enjoyed the tour. It's a pity I couldn't take better shots of the whites, because those punched holes create some beautiful spots of light on the background paper when lit from the right angle. Oh, well, I'll make more.

      I've been so busy that only last Monday did I realise that the fabric wasn't here yet. Don't worry, please don't go out of your way to mail it to me. Just knowing that I'll get it eventually is enough!

  5. Ersi, your whites on white are as exquisite as your rusted pieces. Thank you for sharing the exhibition and market. Just fabulous!

  6. Thank you, Carol! I wish you could all come to visit the venue and meet the members of 'Roots'. Most of them don't even have a blog ! but our website will be finished soon, with a special area dedicated to our works.

  7. What an exquisite artistic community you have supporting you Ersi! Thanks for the post, I was wondering how you were travelling and it's great to see how busy you are making your beautiful paper works.Hope 2016 is another creative one for you.

    1. Thank you, dear Jack. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then but I'm trying to keep up with things. I hope the new year will be really good and creative for you too!

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