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ersi marina's workroom is always open to the public, even when I am not in. Sometimes I need to sleep.
And to paint.
And to play with my four cats.
My name is Ersi Marina and I live in Spain though I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece. I kept it all very Mediterranean.
This blog is a means to share my work and snippets of my life, as well as to be in contact with you all. I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

comments lost

Some time ago I subscribed to Google + and every now and then I drop by the site to snoop a bit and see what's new. I don't always understand the novelties. A few days ago I got an email prompting me to try out Google + comments. I enabled them without realising it meant that those of you who wanted to comment to my blog entries needed to become members of Google + too. As soon as it became clear I disabled the feature. But... all the comments left to my previous entry before disabling just disappeared. I'm sorry I lost them and I am also sorry that I inadvertently nudged some of you to subrscribe to the Google thingy. To compensate you, here is a branch of spring flowers for you to download if you like them. They would make a 14 x 14 cm (5.6" x 5.6") 300 dpi print -or a 28 x 28 cm (11.2" x 11.2") print at 150 dpi.

Proceeding to enter my 'paper home' madness again. XX

Friday, 19 April 2013

one paper home

Hello dear all! This is going to be a very short entry, that I decided to write mainly because I miss you all. I felt like saying something, a few words to stitch my general silence in place. I am not ready to post all the available photographs of my 'paper homes', because I need to downsize them and edit them a bit and that takes a precious time I don't have. But I can manage just one paper home. The one that will probably appear on the poster for the exhibition -designer dixit. Susan, you already saw it 'live'.

I have been going crazy trying to think up twenty different titles for the works and I finally decided they will all be untitled and numbered. I even feel this solution is more becoming somehow. They are all simple and understated, so why not anonymous too? Anonymity is fittingly humble.

Sorry I don't have time to go through your blogs. When the times comes to catch up I'll go nuts. Jennifer and Julie, I haven't forgotten the Roy G Biv challenges. Fiona, I promise I'll finish my Letter a Week 2013 alphabet. I am missing so many beautiful things. Next time I am offered a solo exhibition I'll ask for a full year's time to prepare it!

On a final note, I do thank all my new followers for taking interest in this blog. I appreciate it and I hope they don't resent my silence too much. Signing off now, my love to everyone here -> ♥

Monday, 1 April 2013

sweetly with Susan...

I haven't posted in such a long time (a month and a half, for pete's sake!) that being here feels a little strange. Everything is so familiar and yet I feel a bit out of place. Is this my blog? Do I still get to write here? And most importantly: how are you, people? I've missed you terribly!

There are things to say of course after such a long time but today I'll only post about one very special event:

On Sunday 17 March I met Susan Bowers!

I thought writing about it a full two weeks later would make it difficult for me to describe my feelings but the truth is that they are all still there, warm and excited. I met Susan. And she is such a wonderful, beautiful person! I felt a connection from the moment we met. And we met on the 14th-century stone bridge that leads to the village, that for a moment became a bridge between two continents.

We were lucky because the weather wasn't really cold and we were able to take a short walk through the village. Her husband Steve took that shot of us in front of the church, on the main square, and Susan emailed me the photograph a couple of days later. We then had lunch in a lovely local restaurant and chatted like old friends. I wonder if anyone who meets Susan could not feel instantly at home with her.

I showed her a few pieces of my work for the exhibition and she liked them. My paper homes are not always easy to 'build' and the emotions behind this work are not always easy to harness. Susan, I do appreciate your encouragement.

I wish they had stayed for a few days. As I told Susan, I had tens of questions to ask her but couldn't remember any of them when we met. Questions about her work, about herself, about her relation to art. I do hope we'll meet again sometime and be able to chat about everything over a nice cup of tea. And next to some tea-stained papers, maybe?

Steve was very patient with us and we had fun joking about their travel experiences. He is a doctor and my parents were doctors too, we also had some laughs about that. Even though these two weeks have been crazy, the warmth of our meeting is still present. A lovely day to remember. And to repeat.

Since I know that my blogging will be scarce till I finish my work for the exhibition, here's a preview of what has kept me from writing this entry earlier:

- two severe migraines only two days apart. That basically means that I was sick and useless for four or five days in a row.
- looming job problems, unexpected and worrying.
- working three full days in the Exhibition Hall again, also unexpected and very distracting.
- spending a day in Zaragoza, the city where the exhibition will take place.
- having to put everything aside and work on a commissioned piece for a couple of days. This one was a pleasant distraction.

It will also take me some time to catch up with your posts and news, sorry for that. But I am looking forward to it and to viewing all your works, that inspire me so much. Thanks for still being there.
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