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My name is Ersi Marina and I live in Spain though I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece. I kept it all very Mediterranean.
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Thursday, 20 June 2013

looking for the blues - Roy G Biv II

I have been cringing and shying away from my blog for many days. There are things to blog, grumble and fuss about but I didn't want to do that. I have been keeping reality to myself. But now I have the perfect excuse to be here again: the wonderful Roy G Biv challenge that I always enjoy so much.

I hope 'blue' includes cyan because I love this old window from the Greek island of Amorgos, in the Aegean Sea. The photograph is not new (and I could grumble a lot about needing a good camera here) but beauty never ages, does it?

Midday blues on the island of Corfu, in the Ionian Sea. That's the western part of Greece, facing Italy. A very hot August and a dusty summer wind that failed to cool the air.

From summerish cyans to winterish purple-blues. I took this shot in a cold evening in February -a February long gone. The horses didn't seem to mind the biting wind, they grazed and walked around leisurely.

A spectacular double rainbow as seen from my balcony door last autumn. At least I think it was in autumn. We get double rainbows frequently here but they are rarely so clear and vibrant. Oh, and the sky is blue, of course.

And a bouquet of flowers for you all, my dear friends from blogland and my new followers. I am probably testing your patience, bear with me for a while. Life is hurling lemons my way and I'm trying to keep my head above the pile.
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