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My name is Ersi Marina and I live in Spain though I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece. I kept it all very Mediterranean.
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Saturday, 24 August 2013

a long, hot summer

End of August. Almost. And I can't begin to describe the relief I feel. How are you, my friends?
early blossoms

Today is Saint Bartholomew's day, the patron saint of our village, and it's a holiday. I get to stay at home and enjoy long hours of doing nothing. Nothing except writing this entry, of course. I really felt like saying hello and getting in touch with you all.

I borrowed the title of this post from an old TV series: The Long, Hot Summer. (I wonder if anyone remembers it...) And this is where all resemblances end. My summer has been long and very very hot but for reasons that have nothing to do with love and passion. It's been long because I lived every day yearning for my freedom and the ability to create again. And it's been hot because the sun joined in the universal conspiracy that plotted against me (I know that for a fact, don't you dare think I'm being paranoid!) and burned its way across the sky every single day since the beginning of July, scorching the earth and my already diminished morale.

listen to the darkness

Now the temperatures are going down, the tourists will soon start leaving and I'll get myself back from wherever she's been hiding lately, stubborn creature.

While I was plodding my way through it all I had some surprising moments of inspiration and came up with ideas about future projects. Fortunately, I was sensible enough to write them down, just in case. I now have a list of about eleven projects ranging from simple to overwhelming. I should probably go back to art school to learn how to handle some of them. But who cares? They are creative projects and they are mine!

the bird triptych

There are also a couple of inspiring events coming up. In December our local group of artists will hold the 2nd Art Market and in 2014 there will be a group exhibition along with artists from a nearby area. The exhibition will take place in several different venues simultaneously and the theme is yet to be decided on. I am looking forward to both, my projects #12 and #13 so to speak. After 15 September my day job will only keep me busy during the weekends and it will end completely on Sunday 27 October. I can smell the sweet fragrance of freedom. And what about regular income, you might ask. Next question, please.

to georgia...

attic papers, my online shop is not open yet. I can't find the time or the energy to look after it. Though most of you who commented on my previous post thought I should just go ahead and open in August, I came up against my own limitations. So I'll open it by mid September, just three more weeks to go. Looking forward to that too.

I have been reading most of your blog entries, in a hurry I confess, and rarely left any comments. I mostly sneaked through them while working in the Exhibition Hall during the rare moments of peace and quiet. I wasn't able to participate in the Roy G Biv contests this summer but I enjoyed viewing your entries. (Felt a bit envious too!) As a result, one of my projects was inspired by this contest, I'll tell you all about it when the time comes.

the red square

Since I have no new work to show you, I used some fractals to decorate my entry. And oh! There may be some interesting news about my fractal work too but I am not saying anything yet. We don't want to jinx it, do we?
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