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Thursday, 7 November 2013

a calligraphy pendant

I have a case of paper pendant incontinence. I have all the symptoms: creating one paper pendant after another, dreaming of paper pendants in my sleep, seeing paper pendant possibilities in surprising places, suffering withdrawal when I can't work on them... There is one symptom however that makes up for them all: the joy of playing with them!

This is my last daring project, a calligraphy pendant. I am not a calligrapher (though I'd love to be one) so please, calligraphers out there, hold your horses. This is not meant to be a perfect calligraphic exercise, just a fun paper pendant.

There's not much more than the obvious here. A long strip of heavyweight paper that was conveniently wrapped around a felt pen (yup, specialist resources) and left there for an hour or so. When I unwrapped it it retained the curled shape and I only had to pull both ends to create the 'Babel Tower' shape. This is what I came to call it, a 'Babel Tower' pendant. Very fitting, in a way, since no one will be able to understand what it says.

I'll share the secret with you and only with you: it doesn't say anything, it's just the letters of the alphabet. I painted the inside with white gesso and covered the outside with paper sealant to make it more resistant. I wonder if there is a product out there that hardens paper significantly. I'd love to have it.

Anyway, if anyone does wear this pendant, I can assure them that it will not crumple under the weight of a coat, for example. It will be sadly squashed though if the aforementioned someone hugs someone else tightly or throw themselves belly down on their bed. I'll have to issue an accompanying sheet with precautions.

A baker's twine sparse beard falls off the lower edge and baker's twine holds it to a strip of leather. That's all folks.

P.S. While working on my paper pendants, I jot down ideas for fabric/woven pendants. Madness.

P.P.S. The friend who said that he didn't like my first paper pendant finally explained why. It's too abstract, he said. What?


  1. more, please!!! would be cool to see them around someone's (your) neck, to get an idea of the size

    1. There will be more soon, thanks for encouraging me Ines! The clasps and end caps haven't arrived yet, I'll take photos of the pendants around somebody's neck as soon as I can fasten the leather strips. xx

  2. I had some of this paper once and made some dangles/beads, it may be what you are looking for:
    I like your experiments.

    1. That's so unexpected, thank you Jackie! I'll certainly try that paper and see what happens. Oven-hardened paper, I'd never heard of it!

  3. This had me smiling in amusement ... and enjoying the product of your labours!
    I'll be looking for more ...

    1. Thank you, Carlton! Your smile is contagious. More will be coming soon, they are already finished and waiting patiently to be photographed.

  4. Replies
    1. Please don't eat them, Fiona! It took me long enough to draw them :))

  5. E - always grand to have some creative play: and an ephemeral pendant - great idea. B

    1. Thank you, Barry! I hope other people find it great too, these trinkets will be on sale at the Art Market in December. Hmmm...


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