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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

two more paper pendants

I hope you're not fed up with my pendants because there's more to come. No, no, it's not a threat, just a friendly statement.

Our second annual Art Market will open on Friday 6 December and this year we decided to be crafty as well as artistic. Given the sad demise of the general art market in Spain (economic crisis and all that) we thought we could reach out a bit to the beleaguered public. So my pendant fever not only comes from my love for paper but also from the need to make some things crafty for our Market. I set my mind on pendants. For the time being.

This is my second 'Babel Tower' pendant though in this case it has nothing to do with language, only with the shape. Again a long strip of heavyweight paper stained with watercolour and black ink strokes. The other difference is the necklace. It won't hang from a leather strip but from a stainless steel necklace wire. 

And a close up view that shows the details better. A final coat of paper sealant protects the pendant from self-destructing in minutes.

Here I obviously took a leap from stylish to sugary. I have an excuse of sorts for it. A friend who watched me working on the pendants asked if I could make one for her young niece. Of course! I answered. How do you think she would like it? Girly, she said. So I made this girly pendant in pinks and peaches but guess what. It isn't pink enough! So I made another one (no photographs) and kept this for the Art Market. Girly girls out there, come shopping!

I am now working on a fabric pendant, I'll show it to you when it's finished. I'd better step up my rhythm of production if I want to take 20 to the Market -and still have time to paint some watercolours. Oh, crafty woes!


  1. they are both beautiful ... love the combinations of material that you used!

    1. I love it when you like my work, thanks Ines!

      The trouble with nice material combinations is that you need lots of materials around to inspire you. Chaos in the living-room!

    2. Lovely - and good luck! I'm sure you will sell lots.
      But such crafty pressure - is it good for creativity or not? For me the jury is out.

    3. Hey, Charlton, thanks so much! The crafty pressure -or any kind of pressure for that matter- can easily become paralysing. In this case though I've been lucky. Creating these pendants has been fun rather than work and I think I discovered a whole new world of possibilities. I've made more paper pendants and will soon post them here.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Somehow, things turn out nicely when we have fun, don't they?


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