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My name is Ersi Marina and I live in Spain though I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece. I kept it all very Mediterranean.
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Monday, 30 December 2013

a personal history book

I wonder when the time is ripe to write a personal history. Is it when we are old and wise, and able to cast a discerning look on the road behind us? Is it when important events come up that force us to reconsider the past and the future? Or is it maybe when we take one of life's curves at reckless speed and find ourselves lying in the ditch, aching and disoriented?

I am not wise enough to know. I even think I've spent too much time trying to be wise and lost some interesting parts of myself in the effort. Fortunately, I didn't always succeed and the young Alice in Wonderland that has walked beside me through the years can still have some fun in my company. That's a great compliment, you know. So when yesterday I came upon the caterpillar glaring at me from atop his mushroom and he asked me: 'You? Who are you?', I answered: 'Why, I hardly know, sir. I've changed so much through the years, you see...'

In fact, I am changing as we speak. My history is still being written and yesterday it stumbled upon an opportunity. The PERSONAL HISTORIES: INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS BOOK EXHIBITION opportunity, organised by Glenn and Robyn Foster. rObfOs for friends.

The idea of creating an artist's book containing my personal history (or un-history) somehow seemed right, so I emailed Robyn for a submission form and I found it in my inbox first thing in the morning. Thank you, Robyn.

I just wrote lightly the expression 'un-history' but, come to think of it, it could make a fitting title for my book. A 'very merry unhistory' of me. I'm not sticking to it yet but, for the moment, it seems to be sticking to me.

Tomorrow is the last day. The day after will be the first day. May you all have a happy, inspiring and creative New Year.

Thursday, 26 December 2013

some confetti is blue

Hello my friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, wherever you may be. I know some of you are cozily enjoying these holidays at home while others are journeying around the world. Happy Holidays to all!

I know I should have blogged earlier, I meant to, I actually started posting on three or four occasions but always ended up deleting the entry. I couldn't join in the general festive atmosphere and didn't feel like lying to you either. Silence seemed the most sincere way out of the dilemma. Till today.

Today I sat at my computer determined to speak to the world! Fortunately, not all the world is listening because what I have to say is not original enough to hit the news.

To begin with, I made this holiday card using one of my rusted papers as a background. I've been toying with it for days, writing, changing fonts and colours, deleting, changing again. Boring, right? Today I decided enough was enough and allowed myself to go crazy. Sometimes I hide a bit behind what is crazy or whimsical, I wear it like a wicked smile.

It feels as though one has to go through life with this attitude lately. Wearing a wicked smile and drawing naughty calligraphic signs in the air. A fool, people might think, an extravagant fool. Yet foolishness can be a way out of the dumps.

By now you must be wondering what's wrong. Something is indeed very wrong and this will not be the first time I mention it. I will only do that, though. Mention it. Spain is wrong, it has gone awefully wrong. I considered explaining the situation, gathering some facts and statistics, describing the gloomy social atmosphere and the desperation. I will not. You only have to Google 'poverty in Spain' or 'unemployment in Spain' or 'corruption in Spain' to get more than your spirit can deal with. I am part of it and it wears me out.

Trying to be creative in this environment is an almost impossible task. I struggle with it every day. Great ideas swim around in my head but my hand is on strike. I try to talk it out of its indolence but it may well be that hands are deaf. Have you ever tried talking to your hand? Please tell me how it turned out.

Truth be told, my hand and I needed some rest. We worked hard for the 2nd edition of our local Art Market, in fact, I finished some of my works on the very eve of the opening and had no time to photograph them properly. Apart from my pendants, some of which I was able to show you, I painted some watercolours and made some paper bowls. Yup. I went down with the paper bowl fever and had a wonderful time making them. Some are only made of paper and others, of paper and cloth. I had been researching the paper bowl universe for some time and found dozens of beautiful, innovative creations out there. As main influences, I would like to mention Ann Symes and Ines Seidel. There are many others, of course, and I'd be happy to provide links if anyone is interested.

I hope my hand and I will come to terms soon, so that I can get back to playing / creating / exploring. And though some of the festive confetti is quite blue here, my wishes come straight from my heart.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

freezing... freezing... frozen

Just a short post to share with you an image that is quite extraordinary in Spain. With the exception of Soria, of course, where the Siberian sequences of Doctor Zhivago were filmed!

This is one of our local public fountains last Monday morning. The slow dripping of water became a long stalagmite under the below-zero night temperatures. The ice lasted several hours through the day because that's a spot that gets no direct sunlight in winter.

Susan, if by any chance you read this, you might remember we met at the corner of the hotel seen on the background.

My friend Nuria took these photographs with her iPhone, so thanks for letting me use them, Nuria!

The cold arrived suddenly by mid-November and temperatures are still going down. It was -8ºC at eight-thirty this morning. I wake up to a white landscape that starts steaming as soon as the sun comes up behind the mountain ridge. It's the ice melting away. Very beautiful and impressive every time.

I know those of you who live in cold climates will not be impressed by that humble stalagmite but hey, it's a rare sight around here.

On a final note: I had my first sale in my shop today! Yeay! This little balsa box will be on its way tomorrow:

And now I'll be on my way too. To the shower. A nice, long, hot shower before I get into my pajamas. Have a lovely day/afternoon/evening everybody!

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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

my attic papers store is open


Hello everyone! I am happy to announce that attic papers my new online shop is now open. It has taken me a long time to finish painting the walls and installing central heating (joking of course) but now its doors are finally open to the world. Everybody is welcome to stroll in and take a look around, I'll be happy to see you there with an imaginary buffet of tea and hot chocolate.

To celebrate the opening I am offering free shipping worldwide till Friday 20 December, so if you are interested in any of the works in the shop all you have to do is click on the ADD TO CART button and you'll be charged zero shipping costs. As easy as that! A little gift for Christmas shoppers.

I'll be delighted to read your feedback, either in this blog or through the CONTACT tab in the shop, I'd love to know what you think of my little attic and its papers.

As you may read in my SHOP POLICIES, all the works are shipped unframed. The photos featuring framed works are just for display. A frame is quite a personal choice and it would increase shipping costs considerably.

I have been trying new techniques and have been toying with new objects, I'll soon blog about them. And now I need to catch up with your posts and see what you've been up to. See you here and there too!
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