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Monday, 30 December 2013

a personal history book

I wonder when the time is ripe to write a personal history. Is it when we are old and wise, and able to cast a discerning look on the road behind us? Is it when important events come up that force us to reconsider the past and the future? Or is it maybe when we take one of life's curves at reckless speed and find ourselves lying in the ditch, aching and disoriented?

I am not wise enough to know. I even think I've spent too much time trying to be wise and lost some interesting parts of myself in the effort. Fortunately, I didn't always succeed and the young Alice in Wonderland that has walked beside me through the years can still have some fun in my company. That's a great compliment, you know. So when yesterday I came upon the caterpillar glaring at me from atop his mushroom and he asked me: 'You? Who are you?', I answered: 'Why, I hardly know, sir. I've changed so much through the years, you see...'

In fact, I am changing as we speak. My history is still being written and yesterday it stumbled upon an opportunity. The PERSONAL HISTORIES: INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS BOOK EXHIBITION opportunity, organised by Glenn and Robyn Foster. rObfOs for friends.

The idea of creating an artist's book containing my personal history (or un-history) somehow seemed right, so I emailed Robyn for a submission form and I found it in my inbox first thing in the morning. Thank you, Robyn.

I just wrote lightly the expression 'un-history' but, come to think of it, it could make a fitting title for my book. A 'very merry unhistory' of me. I'm not sticking to it yet but, for the moment, it seems to be sticking to me.

Tomorrow is the last day. The day after will be the first day. May you all have a happy, inspiring and creative New Year.


  1. So happy to have you participate in the project Ersi Marina, I wonder who you will be when you finish your book?

    1. That's a good question, Robyn. I may not be the same person that started it. Putting down the changes, the funny as well as the scary ones, will be my challenge. I am really looking forward to this.

  2. the book project sounds very exciting, a fascinating concept. It will be really interesting to see how it develops for you. I hope you and yours had a wonderful holiday season Ersi....x

    1. Thank you, Karen! A happy and exciting 2014 for you too! (I won't say 'creative' because that's a given :) The book is in a pre-project phase and I need to sit calmly down and start developing the idea. Probably not possible before Monday but I'm already itching to get down to it.

  3. Best wishes for your project. I hope this year will bring more of what you would wish for,even if you do not know what that is yet.

    1. Thanks so much, Jackie! I do know what I wish for, I just haven't found out yet how to sort the boulders. Maybe I soon will.


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