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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

freezing... freezing... frozen

Just a short post to share with you an image that is quite extraordinary in Spain. With the exception of Soria, of course, where the Siberian sequences of Doctor Zhivago were filmed!

This is one of our local public fountains last Monday morning. The slow dripping of water became a long stalagmite under the below-zero night temperatures. The ice lasted several hours through the day because that's a spot that gets no direct sunlight in winter.

Susan, if by any chance you read this, you might remember we met at the corner of the hotel seen on the background.

My friend Nuria took these photographs with her iPhone, so thanks for letting me use them, Nuria!

The cold arrived suddenly by mid-November and temperatures are still going down. It was -8ºC at eight-thirty this morning. I wake up to a white landscape that starts steaming as soon as the sun comes up behind the mountain ridge. It's the ice melting away. Very beautiful and impressive every time.

I know those of you who live in cold climates will not be impressed by that humble stalagmite but hey, it's a rare sight around here.

On a final note: I had my first sale in my shop today! Yeay! This little balsa box will be on its way tomorrow:

And now I'll be on my way too. To the shower. A nice, long, hot shower before I get into my pajamas. Have a lovely day/afternoon/evening everybody!

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  1. very "cool" photo Ersi! I remember visiting my brother in Maine when it was 20 below. We went to the beach and the rocks were coated with ice and some of the shallow areas were frozen. My son was with me and probably about 12. To this day he remembers that frozen "ocean".

    1. I wish I'd been there. Hot summers and sun-drenched days are all too familiar to us but snow and ice are quite 'exotic'. I'd remember it too!

  2. Ersi - what an image. We are experiencing the cold as we are in the US. So pleased for you for your sale - always a good feeling. Go well. B

    1. I'd say you're experiencing a really wintery winter there, Barry. I hope you are enjoying it. And thank you, I didn't expect such an early sale, it does feel good.

  3. Ersi, that is such a beautiful work of art you have sold! Congratulations! I can't imagine the cold, especially as it is hot here in Sydney.

    1. Thanks so much, Carol! I'm still in the initial shop-promoting period and a lil' sale really raises the spirits. As for the cold, I also find it hard to imagine winters in the South Hemisphere when the temperatures are scorching hot here :)


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