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Thursday, 26 December 2013

some confetti is blue

Hello my friends. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, wherever you may be. I know some of you are cozily enjoying these holidays at home while others are journeying around the world. Happy Holidays to all!

I know I should have blogged earlier, I meant to, I actually started posting on three or four occasions but always ended up deleting the entry. I couldn't join in the general festive atmosphere and didn't feel like lying to you either. Silence seemed the most sincere way out of the dilemma. Till today.

Today I sat at my computer determined to speak to the world! Fortunately, not all the world is listening because what I have to say is not original enough to hit the news.

To begin with, I made this holiday card using one of my rusted papers as a background. I've been toying with it for days, writing, changing fonts and colours, deleting, changing again. Boring, right? Today I decided enough was enough and allowed myself to go crazy. Sometimes I hide a bit behind what is crazy or whimsical, I wear it like a wicked smile.

It feels as though one has to go through life with this attitude lately. Wearing a wicked smile and drawing naughty calligraphic signs in the air. A fool, people might think, an extravagant fool. Yet foolishness can be a way out of the dumps.

By now you must be wondering what's wrong. Something is indeed very wrong and this will not be the first time I mention it. I will only do that, though. Mention it. Spain is wrong, it has gone awefully wrong. I considered explaining the situation, gathering some facts and statistics, describing the gloomy social atmosphere and the desperation. I will not. You only have to Google 'poverty in Spain' or 'unemployment in Spain' or 'corruption in Spain' to get more than your spirit can deal with. I am part of it and it wears me out.

Trying to be creative in this environment is an almost impossible task. I struggle with it every day. Great ideas swim around in my head but my hand is on strike. I try to talk it out of its indolence but it may well be that hands are deaf. Have you ever tried talking to your hand? Please tell me how it turned out.

Truth be told, my hand and I needed some rest. We worked hard for the 2nd edition of our local Art Market, in fact, I finished some of my works on the very eve of the opening and had no time to photograph them properly. Apart from my pendants, some of which I was able to show you, I painted some watercolours and made some paper bowls. Yup. I went down with the paper bowl fever and had a wonderful time making them. Some are only made of paper and others, of paper and cloth. I had been researching the paper bowl universe for some time and found dozens of beautiful, innovative creations out there. As main influences, I would like to mention Ann Symes and Ines Seidel. There are many others, of course, and I'd be happy to provide links if anyone is interested.

I hope my hand and I will come to terms soon, so that I can get back to playing / creating / exploring. And though some of the festive confetti is quite blue here, my wishes come straight from my heart.


  1. Dear Ersi, seasons greetings and I do like your card. I sympathise with the problems of Spain and how this is affecting you. So worrying and also disappointing. I hope your hands takes courage and you find yourself able to create again soon. May 2014 be a good year for you and your country. xxx

    1. Dear Carol, just reading your comment makes me feel better, thank you for that. As a result of the devastating situation here, I can only rely on my artistic work to move forward. That is scary! But I am trying to find the courage necessary for me (and my hand) to keep moving on. I dearly appreciate your wishes.

  2. I'm so sorry to hear that things are so tough right now, Ersi, and that your spirits are low - plus to feel unable to create makes everything that much worse. A fresh new year will hopefully make a difference & bring with it new hope. Here's to crazy, whimsy & wicked smiles - surely they will be of some help in getting through these difficult times...

    1. A toast to whicked smiles here too! They come from that naughtiness that makes us free spirits. Things are really tough but there is only one way out for me: forward. I'll be trying my best. A very happy 2014, Lisa, and thank you!

  3. It's difficult when you feel the need to make but can't find your way through. I hope the New Year brings a better year for Spain and a renewed and sustained burst of play/creativity for you

    1. Thank you so much for your good wishes, Jac! I try to stay focused, even a little bit, and I keep flipping through my notes of creative ideas, hoping that one of them will awaken my energies. I wish you a wonderful and creative 2014 too.


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