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My name is Ersi Marina and I live in Spain though I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece. I kept it all very Mediterranean.
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Sunday, 26 January 2014

block paper pendant

I wasn't planning on writing a blog entry this evening but I can't tear myself away from the computer. Obviously, that's not the best plan for a Sunday evening. To my defense, I must say that it's been a warm, sunny day, the first in weeks, and that I spent most of it outdoors. Back home I started checking my mail, my shop, Twitter, Pinterest and... you get it. I dropped by my blog to answer a comment and suddently felt compelled to write something.

Fortunately, there is one little thing I can write about. A paper pendant I hadn't shown you yet. Today the natural light was perfect for taking photographs and photographs I took.

I call this a 'block pendant' and it's made with three strips that I cut out from a small watercolour and ink painting, with some acrylic gesso brushstrokes on top. Each strip of painted paper was then mounted on a block of cardboard. The sides and back are also painted with white gesso.

You can see it a bit better here. The pendant hangs from a stainless steel wire necklace that fastens with a twist clasp. I really like the way it turned out. This series of pendants keeps surprising me, because I'd never thought of making jewellery before. (Hmm, I think you already knew that...) When my own work ends up surprising me, it's a good thing. It's like a door that suddenly opens to an unexpected view. I'm thinking of Alice in Wonderland again. Lots of doors opening and closing there, lots of passages to startling new places. Alice opened many roads that weren't there before by just walking to the end of her tale.

Curiouser and curiouser, my friends.

Monday, 20 January 2014

days like a piano -out of tune

Here I am again, 20 days into January, the new year. The new beginning. These are the right words for it, I think, though they are not entirely comforting. I am starting out on a path with lots of rear view mirrors and very poor visibility ahead. There is only one trail to follow but no map of it. As Spanish poet Antonio Machado wrote: 'Wanderer, there is no road, you open the road by walking.' So I'm walking.

I wrote in my previous entry that I want to dedicate my time and efforts to my art, and that 2014 will be a happy year. What I left out is that this brave, hopeful resolution is also my only realistic road ahead. Finding a regular job in Spain is next to impossible nowadays and thousands of people battle through 8- and even 12-hour workdays for little more than 400 euros a month. I don't want to go there.

So I am spending lots of time trying to promote ATTIC PAPERS, my online shop. I am learning as I go. Learning about respectful marketing, interesting sites and resources, free or affordable publicity, etc. The balsa box above was sold this morning, it's already packaged and tomorrow I am taking it to the post office. A happy spot on the road.

Another happy spot is a few days ahead, on Sunday 2 February. Some other members of our group 'Roots' and I will be meeting a gallerist, who will visit this area and take a tour of our studios and workplaces, dispersed as they are in different villages of the territory. I am a bit nervous and a lot more content. I've been sorting through older works and also making some new ones for the occasion. A few collages and some larger watercolours -larger than my usual size. They are too large to scan and the dark, rainy weather does not allow for natural-light photography. Since I hate using the flash, I'll take pictures when the weather permits it.

This is the only rather decent shot I was able to take on Saturday, when we had a few hours of grinning sun. Collage and ink on paper. Apparently, I am still 'under the influence' of my paper homes though something is shifting. Slowly, timidly, barely aware of where it's going. A bit like me. Fittingly, it's untitled.

Going through this entry again I realised that it's hardly clear why my days are like a piano out of tune. Well, there is definitely some kind of music in the air, distant and distorted but there. It sounds a bit like a soundtrack from one of Fellini's films though played on a piano that needs to be tuned. It's sweet and jesting but I can't make out the score. 2014 is a year for tuning-up.

Saturday, 4 January 2014

some things old, some things new

I'm never one to make new year's resolutions or thorough balances of the year past. I really don't believe much in either, mainly because I know I won't keep any resolutions just to fulfill a task and that I am perfectly capable of repeating past mistakes. The time is ripe to set mistakes aside or to put our energy into new projects when our hearts and souls are ready for it. I am not a big fan of willpower, you see. I do believe in our intimate desire. Willpower is mental and can easily become a bully and a dictator. Our desire comes from deep within and expresses our most cherished wishes and longings in life. I am talking about the way we intimately wish to live our lives.


However, I will go through the past year a bit because I feel (rather than know, no certainties here) that it marked a turning point in my life. 2013 was not a good year. It was burdened with problems and frustrations, wanderings through rocky deserts and a sense of ending. This last part may well be the most promising one, though I can only feel that now, at the end of the ending.


The year curiously started out satisfactorily. I prepared my 'paper homes' solo exhibition, that was held in Zaragoza in May. The works were later exhibited in the Antigua Fabrica Noguera, our local Exhibition Hall. I had lovely positive feedback in both venues and finally sold three pieces. The remaining ones are now in the dining room of a beautiful rural hotel nearby, La Font del Pas. This body of work has a deeper meaning for me and I was delighted that the public liked it so much.


The summer months were part of the rocky deserts I walked through and would rather not revisit ever again. In autumn though I started preparing work for the second edition of our Art Market and slowly started feeling myself again. Less alienated, more confident. I still have to show you what I made for the Market since, as I mentioned in a previous entry, I worked till the very last minute and had no time to take proper photographs of my work.

The Art Market will end tomorrow, Sunday. It has not been a great success though the works displayed there, by seven of the eleven artists that form our Group 'Roots', are varied, interesting and beautiful. But we live in Spain and times are hard. The harsh reality rules over beauty. We are not giving up, I am not giving up. Now, more than ever, I am determined to go on.

This last statement is the nearest to a new year's resolution. It's not born out of necessity (though necessity is certainly there) but out of desire. This is what I wish to dedicate my time to. My art. 2014 has to be a meaningful, happy year. Not heavenly happy but down-to-earth, reality-proof happy. Creatively happy.

ATTIC PAPERS, my online shop is having a slow start but it is a start. Two artworks have been sold so far and I recently added this series of bookmarks featured here. They are high-quality prints from fragments of my rusted papers. These originals are also on sale in the shop, as well as some of my white [paper] on white [paper] series.

I made some changes in the shop design and changed the prices to euros. I hope it will not be a great inconvenience for those interested in buying. Each one of them only needs to check the currency rate once, in fact, PayPal will do it automatically for them, while, with my prices in US dollars, I had to check the rates daily to find out how much I was selling for!

I now have the time and enough peace of mind to keep working. My next post will probably be about my projects, some already overdue but still possible, and my current work.

May 2014 be meaningful and reality-proof happy for all of you.
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