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Saturday, 12 April 2014

gelli printing continues

I hope you are all enjoying your weekend and your preparations for Easter, those of you who celebrate it. I believe all three Easters (that sounds really strange) coincide this year.

Acrylic paint and graphite on 250 gsm Stonehenge paper.
The slight colour bleed around the lower part of the print was intentional.

This is a short blog post to share my two latest gelli printing experiments with you. They are twins, in a way. Playing with positive and negative space though bending the rules a bit.

Acrylic Baby Blue paint (you babies rock!) with a couple of drops of black. The resulting grey has a subtle bluish tinge that I really like. Again 250 gsm Stonehenge paper.

The hand-written word on the upper left means nothing, I just added a bit of asemic free calligraphy to the work. I also added water again to the acrylic paint and applied it to the gelli plate with a brush to create this bubbly, random texture.

On a sidenote, something strange has been happening lately with my blog. Pageviews are going up by the hundreds, I have no idea why. Nevertheless, it's a real pleasure and I thank all those anonymous viewers who spend some time in my corner of blogland. Thank you, guys!

P.S. I am strongly tempted to experiment a bit with crazy colours. You have been warned.


  1. Well, I liked your mad colour in Miro's Toe, so why not?

    1. He he, I am mixing some mad colours right now! Happy you like the idea :)

  2. I am loving your play with gelli -prints - they are the nicest marks I have seen so far from gelli-plates. I am very temped to get mine out again and have a go at something like this; simple yet lively! Keep going I say…and mad colour? Why not?

    1. Ok then! If I had any doubts, they just disappeared. Thank you, Fiona. I feel guilty about running through your posts and never commenting, my colour scheming is not the only mad thing around here. And I'd love to see your gelli prints soon! XX

  3. These Gilli prints are so lovely and restrained - I can feel your control. Mine always seem to have a mind of their own, though that can be fun. Perhaps I need to play more with the technique.
    Mad colour could be really fun ...

    1. I know it's sooo easy to get carried away with layers and colours! But usually, when it happens to me, a couple of days later I don't like the work any more. So I try to hold back and give myself time to really feel what I want to do. I am having great fun with these. Thank you, Charlton!

  4. Third time I have left a message! Gremlins in the computer. Very frustrating. Like Fiona I have not been a fan of gelli prints but the delightful subtlety of yours makes me want to revisit the idea. Love those images Ersi. Thanks for giving a quite different and wonderful idea of how the plates can be used effectively. x

    1. I wish those Gremlins would mind their own business and stop interfering with our communication! I hate missing your messages.

      The only reason I started playing with the gel plate is that I don't have a press. I thought it would be messy and awkward but it's really easy and great fun. I'm not sure you'd enjoy it as much, since you can print with a press, but if you do, I am looking forward to the results. I know they will be beautiful! I feel really honoured that you like my prints, thank you Susan!


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