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Monday, 11 August 2014

what's in a name...

The blinding August sun is not so bright for me today. Last evening I burried the sweet cat that died in my house from extensive internal injuries after (probably) being hit by a car.

Everyone who donated to help save him has agreed that I keep the money for future emergencies and again I would like to thank them for their warm generosity. It has meant the world to me.

This morning I had an idea. Most of the street cats I look after don't have a name, sometimes I come up with a name for some of them but not always. So now they will be named after the wonderful friends who contributed to create my 'Cat-Care Fund'. All donators were ladies (women rock!) so the male cats will have to settle for a name they may not find quite fitting though I think they won't care. They are wise enough to tell the important from the superficial.

The words 'friends online' has never meant so much to me before.

There are many, many wonderful things in your names.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

farewell, kitty

I have been trying to start this entry for about two hours now and it's required a great emotional effort. The injured cat died early this afternoon. Rest in peace, my sweet. You didn't deserve to die like that.

I had to work at the Exhibition Hall this morning so I wasn't with him when he died. I regret it terribly.

Your loving, kind donations raised a third of the amount required for his care. I am emailing each one of you privately but I would also like to share my idea here. Is it ok with you all if I keep the money for possible future emergencies? There are more street cats I feed and try to protect and they are all exposed to the same dangers. Your donations will become a fund that I'll keep for their sake.

I have already removed the Donate button from my blog. I am deeply grateful for your help and consideration and it saddens me so much to have to share these bad news with you. You did make me feel less alone in my effort and I can't tell you how much I appreciate that.

Only this morning I was able to locate a veterinary about 100 kms from here who collaborates with an association dedicated to animal care. She would have been able -and willing- to help at a lower cost. I wish I had found out earlier. Nevertheless, I'll know who to contact immediately if anything happens to the cats in the future.

I really can't write more on the subject right now, I feel devastated.


Friday, 8 August 2014

injured cat - update

*Donate button at the top of the right-hand column of this blog*

This is a rather short blog post to update you on the state of the street cat that I am nursing at home.

I have received a few donations already and, though I thanked each generous contributor by mail, I would like to aknowledge their caring gesture through my blog too. They know who they are, and they are wonderful!

I now have about 10% of the amount needed to take proper care of this sweet animal. I called the vet again yesterday to ask if maybe I could pay them by instalments but they haven't given me a definitive answer yet. Judging by their initial reaction, I'd say it's not possible. But then again, let's be optimistic. Even two instalments would be of great help. I'll also keep you posted on that.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I keep the injured cat in my storeroom because of my own three female cats, very jealous of their territory. They would never assault him or hurt him in any way but they could scare him and make him feel like running to hide. Since he can't move, any simple physical reaction would set him crying in pain again. To avoid that, I isolated him. I go into the room two or three times an hour, too often probably, I think he'd rather be left alone for a while longer.

He's on antibiotics already and they seem to start making some effect. He can (very) slowly shift position on his own and his gaze is sharper. He refuses to eat or drink any water but just a while ago I was able to feed him some chicken broth. He really liked that! He can't eat much in one go, so I'll feed him a little bit every couple of hours or so. I was worried that he might throw up the antibiotic but he didn't. He's a good patient!

I will be grateful to anyone who would consider the possibility of donating even the smallest sum. Please remember that any amount raised will be entirely for the cat's benefit and that I will remove the donation button as soon as the necessary funds are collected. (That would be about 300 euros.)

Thank you!

Thursday, 7 August 2014

injured cat, call for help

Hello everyone! This is an urgent call for help. Some of you may remember from previous posts that I look after a group of street cats that live near my home. Looking after them basically means that I feed them and deworm them when necessary. Sadly, I can't really protect them from the many dangers looming over them in the street. Passing cars, dogs, downpours (two kittens almost drowned to death a couple of months ago while I was watching the pouring rain from my apartment, marvelling at its beauty and power!)

This is a photo of one of the male cats. He's a sweet, cuddly animal about a year and a half old. I can't be sure about his age. Someone abandoned him right in front of the apartment building last autumn (they actually abandoned three cats, two females and this little dear) and they all seemed to be about seven or eight months old back then.

When I went down with their food this morning I found this young male lying in the makeshift shelter I made for them last year, mainly to protect their food from the rain and the sun. He couldn't move. When I tried to move him he started crying out in pain. I panicked. It took me several moments to calm down and think what I could do for him -if anything.

He can't move the rear part of his body without severe pain, the front part seems to be ok. I felt his body very gently and could not feel anything like a broken or dislocated bone but I didn't dare press harder with my fingers. I think maybe he was hit by a car? I gave him some water and he drank heartily, I thought that was a good sign.

I went up home and fetched a thin wooden board, the backside of a large picture frame actually. I managed to slowly slide the board under his body (oh, I did hurt him a bit, in spite of all my efforts) and then, using the board as a stretcher of sorts, took him up to my apartment. I couldn't just leave him in such a helpless state in the street, I would be condemning him to a long, painful agony.

He is now lying on a flat cushion in my small storeroom. He hasn't had any water or food since noon (it's almost half past six in the afternoon now) but he's calm and seems to be napping most of the time. He purrs happily when I go in to see him. Every time he tries to move though he still cries out in pain.

I called the veterinarian and she recommended an antibiotic and anti-inflammatory medicine. What he really needs though is a visit to the vet's, some x-rays and probably some additional tests. The trouble is, I can't afford all that. It could easily go up to 300 euros or more. So I added a PayPal Donate button to my blog, very easy to locate. It's the first one up on the right-hand column. If you feel inclined to help save this sweet, affectionate young cat, please click on the button. The quantity you choose to contribute is up to you, even one dollar or one euro would count, and I would deeply appreciate any help. Needless to say, he would too!

*You do not need to have a Pay Pal account to donate, just click on the button and Pay Pal will do the rest.*

I will let you all know how things are going and I will remove the button immediately as soon as I have the money necessary for his care. This call for help is meant for him and only for him.

I hope that our joined efforts will help save the life of this young cat. Thank you all so very much!
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