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Friday, 8 August 2014

injured cat - update

*Donate button at the top of the right-hand column of this blog*

This is a rather short blog post to update you on the state of the street cat that I am nursing at home.

I have received a few donations already and, though I thanked each generous contributor by mail, I would like to aknowledge their caring gesture through my blog too. They know who they are, and they are wonderful!

I now have about 10% of the amount needed to take proper care of this sweet animal. I called the vet again yesterday to ask if maybe I could pay them by instalments but they haven't given me a definitive answer yet. Judging by their initial reaction, I'd say it's not possible. But then again, let's be optimistic. Even two instalments would be of great help. I'll also keep you posted on that.

I forgot to mention in my previous post that I keep the injured cat in my storeroom because of my own three female cats, very jealous of their territory. They would never assault him or hurt him in any way but they could scare him and make him feel like running to hide. Since he can't move, any simple physical reaction would set him crying in pain again. To avoid that, I isolated him. I go into the room two or three times an hour, too often probably, I think he'd rather be left alone for a while longer.

He's on antibiotics already and they seem to start making some effect. He can (very) slowly shift position on his own and his gaze is sharper. He refuses to eat or drink any water but just a while ago I was able to feed him some chicken broth. He really liked that! He can't eat much in one go, so I'll feed him a little bit every couple of hours or so. I was worried that he might throw up the antibiotic but he didn't. He's a good patient!

I will be grateful to anyone who would consider the possibility of donating even the smallest sum. Please remember that any amount raised will be entirely for the cat's benefit and that I will remove the donation button as soon as the necessary funds are collected. (That would be about 300 euros.)

Thank you!


  1. I have been away from your blog for too long Ersi. Have been meaning to email for the last month - and will do so now. Think what you are doing for the kitty is wonderful. You have a huge heart. x

    1. I've been away for a long time too, just dropping in occasionally and running through my blogzzz list. Sorry for that. I am also deeply sorry to say that the cat died a few hours ago. I'll blog about it now. Thank you for everything, Susan. XXX

  2. Good to hear he is enjoying the broth, Ersi. With luck, he may just be very badly bruised, but whatever, he is in really good hands with you. xxx

    1. Sad, sad news, dear Carol. The kitty didn't make it and broke my heart today. Blog post will follow now. Thank you.

  3. Hi Ersi, Poor little cat, I hope I would do the same thing. I do feel a bit silly, because I cannot find the donate-knob, I just see the clock with the Spanish time, same time here, we are not that far apart...

    1. Ηello Anne-Miek, thanks for caring. I removed the Donate button when the cat died, poor thing. I wish I had been able to help him.

      Thanks for following this blog and for the FB request too!


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