Whether you've reached this blog willingly or by force I'm happy to have you here.
ersi marina's workroom is always open to the public, even when I am not in. Sometimes I need to sleep.
And to paint.
And to play with my four cats.
My name is Ersi Marina and I live in Spain though I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece. I kept it all very Mediterranean.
This blog is a means to share my work and snippets of my life, as well as to be in contact with you all. I hope you'll enjoy your visit.


My name is Ersi Marina Samara. I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece, and I have been living in Spain for the past 31 years. I studied drawing and painting in Athens, and photography in Barcelona. I also love literature, so I followed writing courses for five years during the nineties. I even got some short stories published in literary magazines.

For twenty years I free-lanced as a translator and collaborated with several prestigious publishers in Spain. I did that parallel to my artistic projects. It is important for me to state that through the years I have learned as much from my own experimentations and from the work of artists I admire as from my studies and books. You could say I am 50% self-taught and I certainly keep learning new things about my art and myself every day.

From October 2009 to December 2012 I was in charge of an Exhibition Hall, the Antigua Fabrica Noguera, in the small town where I live, called Beceite. It was an experience I enjoyed very much: working with other artists and helping them to promote their work and show it to the world. I made new friends and learned a lot about the behind-the-scene realities of the artistic world.

Now I have come to a point where I like to use all my tools in my creative process. I draw, I paint, I take photographs, I write, I blend photographic images with watercolours, I draw on my negatives, I write on tea-stained paper, I create handmade books, I scratch my papers and scratch my head too in search of new ideas.

Generally speaking, I have fun!

I'll be posting my works here - among other things - and I'll be happy to get your feedback.

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