Whether you've reached this blog willingly or by force I'm happy to have you here.
ersi marina's workroom is always open to the public, even when I am not in. Sometimes I need to sleep.
And to paint.
And to play with my four cats.
My name is Ersi Marina and I live in Spain though I was born and grew up in Athens, Greece. I kept it all very Mediterranean.
This blog is a means to share my work and snippets of my life, as well as to be in contact with you all. I hope you'll enjoy your visit.

the journeys

I travelled from Greece to other countries, from early youth to a more mature age, from innocence to experience. Art is a journey too. From simple pencil and carbon drawings I went on to explore the regions of photography and the places -common or not- of literature. I finally bought a ticket back to painting, where realism coexists with abstraction and both help me explore the small and not-so-small issues of existence. Our feelings and experiences are weaved onto the canvas of this coexistence and are nourished by this challenge.

I like working with watercolours, those pigments that tinge water just like our passions colour our souls. They don't impose their presence, they respect the transparency of our emotions and the delicacy of our notions. The transparency of watercolours allows us to witness the silence and the void that most art so tenatiously tries to disguise. It's the discreet presence of absence.

I like using india ink, because of its reminiscences of writing. Its darkness protects the mystery of expression and starts a 'conversation' with the viewer, the 'reader' of the images, like an unfinished text that contains our doubts -and our decay.

I also like stains, mischievous symbols of the blemishes that tarnish so many moments of our lives and end up opening new paths to follow, luminous or dark. Impossible to distinguish sometimes. They can be drops of sun, hope, joy, fear and ignorance, windows to memory and holes in the weave of human events.

I like a streak of graphite, that elementary tool of drawing, because its presence brings forward the basic structure of the image and avoids hiding its vulnerability.

Lately I have been incorporating new materials to my work, particularly fabrics. I am still a beginner in textile art and I have a lot to learn but fabrics, their colours and textures, their patterns and history, have always fascinated me, so I think they are in my work to stay.

This is the journey I'd like to share with you all.


  1. I absolutely LOVE your work...thank you.

    1. Thank you Susan for your generous and beautiful comment!


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